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boolean datahandletostring (AEDesc *desc, bigstring bs)
boolean copydatahandle (AEDesc *desc, Handle *h)
OSErr putdescdatapointer (AEDesc *desc, DescType typeCode, ptrvoid pvoid, long len)
boolean putdeschandle (AEDesc *desc, DescType typeCode, Handle h)
boolean newdescwithhandle (AEDesc *desc, DescType typeCode, Handle h)
boolean newdescnull (AEDesc *desc, DescType typeCode)
boolean nildatahandle (AEDesc *desc)

Function Documentation

boolean copydatahandle AEDesc desc,
Handle h

Referenced by binarytodesc(), callcompiledscript(), getbinarylistdesc(), IACgetbinaryitem(), IACgetbinaryparam(), IACgetstringparam(), IACgettableitem(), IACgettextitem(), landgetintparam(), landgetlongparam(), landgettextparam(), langipccoerceparam(), langipcfastgetobject(), langipcfastsetobject(), langipchandlefastscript(), langipchandleverb(), langipcpushparam(), langipcputlistitem(), openscriptcomponent(), osaCoerceFromDesc(), osaCompile(), osacompiledesc(), osacomponenterror(), osaDoEvent(), osagetcode(), osagetsource(), osaLoad(), osaRunSharedMenuItem(), parseargsverb(), and runlangscript().

boolean datahandletostring AEDesc desc,
bigstring  bs

Referenced by callcompiledscript(), handlerecordableevent(), landgetstringparam(), langipcgeterrorstring(), osacomponenterror(), osaDebug(), osaRunSharedMenuItem(), and runlangscript().

boolean newdescnull AEDesc desc,
DescType  typeCode

Referenced by coerceTypetoObj(), frontStartCard(), osaerrormessage(), and valuetodescriptor().

boolean newdescwithhandle AEDesc desc,
DescType  typeCode,
Handle  h

Referenced by binarytodesc(), hashunpacktable(), IACpushbinaryitem(), landsystem7pushparam(), langipcfastgetobject(), osagetcode(), osaRunSharedMenuItem(), osaStopRecording(), osaStore(), and runlangscript().

boolean nildatahandle AEDesc desc  ) 

OSErr putdescdatapointer AEDesc desc,
DescType  typeCode,
ptrvoid  pvoid,
long  len

Referenced by CoercePSNToType(), and CoerceTargetIDToType().

boolean putdeschandle AEDesc desc,
DescType  typeCode,
Handle  h

Referenced by binarytodesc().

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