tyhashtable Struct Reference

#include <lang.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 456 of file lang.h.

Data Fields

hdlhashnode hashbucket [ctbuckets]
hdlhashnode hfirstsort
tyhashtable ** prevhashtable
tyhashtable ** parenthashtable
hdlhashnode thistableshashnode
boolean fldirty: 1
boolean fllocked: 1
boolean flwindowopen: 1
boolean flnopurge: 1
boolean fllocaltable: 1
boolean flchained: 1
boolean fldisposewhenunchained: 1
boolean ctwithvalues: 3
boolean flverbsrequirewindow: 1
boolean flneedsort: 1
boolean flmayaffectdisplay: 1
boolean flsubsdirty: 1
long hashtablerefcon
long lexicalrefcon
tytableformats ** hashtableformats
short sortorder
unsigned long timecreated
unsigned long timelastsave
langvaluecallback valueroutine
short cttmpstack
tyvaluerecord tmpstack []

Field Documentation

short tyhashtable::cttmpstack

Definition at line 525 of file lang.h.

Referenced by newhashtable().

boolean tyhashtable::ctwithvalues

Definition at line 495 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::flchained

Definition at line 491 of file lang.h.

Referenced by chainhashtable().

boolean tyhashtable::fldirty

Definition at line 481 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::fldisposewhenunchained

Definition at line 493 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::fllocaltable

Definition at line 489 of file lang.h.

Referenced by evaluatewith(), getfullpath(), hashsetlocality(), langdefaultpushtable(), scriptpushtable(), and setaddressencoding().

boolean tyhashtable::fllocked

Definition at line 483 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::flmayaffectdisplay

Definition at line 501 of file lang.h.

Referenced by tableverbinmemory().

boolean tyhashtable::flneedsort

Definition at line 499 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::flnopurge

Definition at line 487 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::flsubsdirty

Definition at line 507 of file lang.h.

boolean tyhashtable::flverbsrequirewindow

Definition at line 497 of file lang.h.

Referenced by newfunctionprocessor().

boolean tyhashtable::flwindowopen

Definition at line 485 of file lang.h.

hdlhashnode tyhashtable::hashbucket[ctbuckets]

Definition at line 458 of file lang.h.

struct tytableformats** tyhashtable::hashtableformats

Definition at line 515 of file lang.h.

long tyhashtable::hashtablerefcon

Definition at line 509 of file lang.h.

Referenced by tablenewtable(), and tablezoomfromtable().

hdlhashnode tyhashtable::hfirstsort

Definition at line 460 of file lang.h.

Referenced by hashcountitems(), hashgetnthnode(), hashgetsortedindex(), hashsorteddelete(), hashsortedinsert(), hashsortedinversesearch(), and hashsortedsearch().

long tyhashtable::lexicalrefcon

Definition at line 511 of file lang.h.

struct tyhashtable** tyhashtable::parenthashtable

Definition at line 466 of file lang.h.

Referenced by fullpathsearch(), and tableedit().

struct tyhashtable** tyhashtable::prevhashtable

Definition at line 462 of file lang.h.

Referenced by chainhashtable(), getfullpath(), hashflushcache(), hashgetstackdepth(), newhashtable(), pushouterlocaltable(), and unchainhashtable().

short tyhashtable::sortorder

Definition at line 519 of file lang.h.

hdlhashnode tyhashtable::thistableshashnode

Definition at line 473 of file lang.h.

Referenced by fullpathsearch().

unsigned long tyhashtable::timecreated

Definition at line 521 of file lang.h.

Referenced by newhashtable(), tablenewtable(), tableverbgettimes(), and tableverbsettimes().

unsigned long tyhashtable::timelastsave

Definition at line 521 of file lang.h.

tyvaluerecord tyhashtable::tmpstack[]

Definition at line 527 of file lang.h.

langvaluecallback tyhashtable::valueroutine

Definition at line 523 of file lang.h.

Referenced by langexternalgetinfo().

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