tydllinfostruct Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file langdll.c.

Data Fields

tydllinfohandle hnextdll
tyfilespec fs
tydllsyshandle hdllsyshandle
Handle hres
char * resdata
long ctreferences
boolean flunload
typrocinfohandle hashbucket [ctprocinfohashbuckets]

Field Documentation

long tydllinfostruct::ctreferences

Definition at line 134 of file langdll.c.

boolean tydllinfostruct::flunload

Definition at line 136 of file langdll.c.

tyfilespec tydllinfostruct::fs

Definition at line 126 of file langdll.c.

Referenced by newlibrary().

typrocinfohandle tydllinfostruct::hashbucket[ctprocinfohashbuckets]

Definition at line 138 of file langdll.c.

tydllsyshandle tydllinfostruct::hdllsyshandle

Definition at line 128 of file langdll.c.

tydllinfohandle tydllinfostruct::hnextdll

Definition at line 124 of file langdll.c.

Referenced by getlibrary(), and removelibrary().

Handle tydllinfostruct::hres

Definition at line 130 of file langdll.c.

char* tydllinfostruct::resdata

Definition at line 132 of file langdll.c.

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