filelaunch.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "filesystem7.h"
#include "ops.h"

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#define kAEFinderEvents   'FNDR'
#define kAEShowClipboard   'shcl'
#define kAEPutAway   'sput'
#define keyAEFinderSelection   'fsel'
#define kAEDrag   'drag'
#define keyAEFinderMisc   'fmsc'
#define kAEEmptyTrash   'empt'
#define kAEOpenSelection   'sope'
#define kAEPrintSelection   'spri'


static OSErr GetFinderPort (void)
pascal short MFDispatch (short number) ONEWORDINLINE(0xA88F)
short System7Open (FSSpec fs2)


static ProcessSerialNumber FinderNumber

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#define kAEDrag   'drag'

Definition at line 41 of file filelaunch.c.

#define kAEEmptyTrash   'empt'

Definition at line 43 of file filelaunch.c.

#define kAEFinderEvents   'FNDR'

Definition at line 37 of file filelaunch.c.

Referenced by finderevent().

#define kAEOpenSelection   'sope'

Definition at line 44 of file filelaunch.c.

Referenced by launchusingfinder().

#define kAEPrintSelection   'spri'

Definition at line 45 of file filelaunch.c.

#define kAEPutAway   'sput'

Definition at line 39 of file filelaunch.c.

#define kAEShowClipboard   'shcl'

Definition at line 38 of file filelaunch.c.

#define keyAEFinderMisc   'fmsc'

Definition at line 42 of file filelaunch.c.

#define keyAEFinderSelection   'fsel'

Definition at line 40 of file filelaunch.c.

Function Documentation

static OSErr GetFinderPort void   )  [static]

Definition at line 53 of file filelaunch.c.

References FinderNumber, i, and noErr.

pascal short MFDispatch short  number  ) 

short System7Open FSSpec  fs2  ) 

Definition at line 103 of file filelaunch.c.

References GetHandleSize, HLock, HUnlock, kAEOpenDocuments, kCoreEventClass, noErr, NULL, typeAlias, typeApplSignature, and typeNull.

Variable Documentation

ProcessSerialNumber FinderNumber [static]

Definition at line 49 of file filelaunch.c.

Referenced by GetFinderPort().

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