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Data Structures

struct  tyembeddedinfo


#define frontierinclude
#define editTableVerb   'edtt'
#define startupVerb   'init'
#define deleteVerb   'dele'


typedef boolean(* tyalertcallback )(bigstring)


boolean FrontierDoScript (bigstring, bigstring)
boolean FrontierDoHandleScript (Handle, boolean, boolean, bigstring, Handle *)
boolean FrontierFastDoScript (bigstring, boolean, bigstring, bigstring)
boolean FrontierOpenObject (bigstring)
boolean FrontierIsRunning (void)
boolean getFrontierVersion (short *, short *, short *, boolean *)
boolean tableVerb (OSType, tyalertcallback, boolean)
boolean getEmbeddedTable (tyalertcallback)
boolean renameEmbeddedTable (bigstring, bigstring, tyalertcallback)
boolean runEmbeddedScript (Handle, Handle *)
boolean FrontierGetObject (Handle, bigstring, Handle *, OSType *)
boolean editFrontierObject (bigstring)


tyembeddedinfo embeddedinfo

Define Documentation

#define deleteVerb   'dele'

Definition at line 12 of file appletfrontier.h.

#define editTableVerb   'edtt'

Definition at line 10 of file appletfrontier.h.

#define frontierinclude

Definition at line 7 of file appletfrontier.h.

#define startupVerb   'init'

Definition at line 11 of file appletfrontier.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boolean(* tyalertcallback)(bigstring)

Definition at line 32 of file appletfrontier.h.

Function Documentation

boolean editFrontierObject bigstring   ) 

Definition at line 880 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierDoHandleScript Handle  ,
boolean  ,
boolean  ,
bigstring  ,

Definition at line 215 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierDoScript bigstring  ,

Definition at line 140 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierFastDoScript bigstring  ,
boolean  ,
bigstring  ,

Definition at line 500 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierGetObject Handle  ,
bigstring  ,
Handle ,

Definition at line 68 of file appletfrontier.c.

Referenced by recalcclone().

boolean FrontierIsRunning void   ) 

Definition at line 560 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierOpenObject bigstring   ) 

Definition at line 48 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean getEmbeddedTable tyalertcallback   ) 

Definition at line 766 of file appletfrontier.c.

References error, and nil.

boolean getFrontierVersion short ,
short ,
short ,

Definition at line 568 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean renameEmbeddedTable bigstring  ,
bigstring  ,

Definition at line 734 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean runEmbeddedScript Handle  ,

Definition at line 823 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean tableVerb OSType  ,
tyalertcallback  ,

Definition at line 683 of file appletfrontier.c.

References asynchReplyHandler(), error, and IACsendverb().

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Variable Documentation

tyembeddedinfo embeddedinfo

Definition at line 38 of file appletfrontier.c.

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