opscrollbar.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include "ops.h"
#include "shellprint.h"
#include "op.h"
#include "opinternal.h"
#include "oplineheight.h"

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boolean oprestorescrollposition (void)
boolean opsetscrollpositiontoline1 (void)
boolean opgetscrollbarinfo (boolean flpin)
void opredrawscrollbars (void)
void opresetscrollbars (void)

Function Documentation

boolean opgetscrollbarinfo boolean  flpin  ) 

Definition at line 129 of file opscrollbar.c.

References tyscrollinfo::cur, max, tyscrollinfo::max, min, tyscrollinfo::min, NULL, opgetcurrentscreenlines(), outlinedata, tyscrollinfo::pag, typrintinfo::paperrect, and shellprintinfo.

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void opredrawscrollbars void   ) 

Definition at line 219 of file opscrollbar.c.

Referenced by ophoistdisplay(), oppoststylechange(), opprint(), opresetscrollbars(), and scriptsetdata().

void opresetscrollbars void   ) 

Definition at line 225 of file opscrollbar.c.

References opdisplayenabled(), opgetscrollbarinfo(), and opredrawscrollbars().

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boolean oprestorescrollposition void   ) 

Definition at line 74 of file opscrollbar.c.

References flatdown, tyoutlinerecord::hsummit, opgetnodelinecount(), oprepeatedbump(), and outlinedata.

Referenced by opedit(), and oppoststylechange().

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boolean opsetscrollpositiontoline1 void   ) 

Definition at line 102 of file opscrollbar.c.

References opgetnextexpanded(), opgetnodelinecount(), and outlinedata.

Referenced by browsersortfolder(), opafterstrucchange(), opdeletenode(), opexpand(), opexpandto(), and oppostfontchange().

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