typackedB14popupdata Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file ioapopup.c.

Data Fields

bigstring bs
Rect popuprect
unsigned short flarrows
short fontnum
short fontsize
short fontstyle
Rect leftarrowrect
Rect rightarrowrect
short checkeditem
short itemselected
short idmenu
unsigned short fldisposemenu
MenuHandle hmenu
ProcPtr getmenucallback
ProcPtr leftarrowcallback
ProcPtr rightarrowcallback
ProcPtr menuselectcallback

Field Documentation

bigstring typackedB14popupdata::bs

Definition at line 66 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::checkeditem

Definition at line 78 of file ioapopup.c.

unsigned short typackedB14popupdata::flarrows

Definition at line 70 of file ioapopup.c.

unsigned short typackedB14popupdata::fldisposemenu

Definition at line 84 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::fontnum

Definition at line 72 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::fontsize

Definition at line 72 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::fontstyle

Definition at line 72 of file ioapopup.c.

ProcPtr typackedB14popupdata::getmenucallback

Definition at line 88 of file ioapopup.c.

MenuHandle typackedB14popupdata::hmenu

Definition at line 86 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::idmenu

Definition at line 82 of file ioapopup.c.

short typackedB14popupdata::itemselected

Definition at line 80 of file ioapopup.c.

ProcPtr typackedB14popupdata::leftarrowcallback

Definition at line 90 of file ioapopup.c.

Rect typackedB14popupdata::leftarrowrect

Definition at line 74 of file ioapopup.c.

ProcPtr typackedB14popupdata::menuselectcallback

Definition at line 94 of file ioapopup.c.

Rect typackedB14popupdata::popuprect

Definition at line 68 of file ioapopup.c.

ProcPtr typackedB14popupdata::rightarrowcallback

Definition at line 92 of file ioapopup.c.

Rect typackedB14popupdata::rightarrowrect

Definition at line 76 of file ioapopup.c.

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