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Data Structures

struct  tylinkedlistrecord


#define opsinclude


typedef tylinkedlistrecordptrlinkedlist
typedef tylinkedlistrecord ** hdllinkedlist


short minint (short, short)
short maxint (short, short)
short absint (short)
boolean delayticks (long)
boolean delayseconds (long)
void counttickloops (long *)
void burntickloops (long)
unsigned char uppercasechar (unsigned char)
unsigned char lowercasechar (unsigned char)
boolean textchar (unsigned char)
void shorttostring (short, bigstring)
void numbertostring (long, bigstring)
boolean stringtoshort (bigstring, short *)
boolean stringtonumber (bigstring, long *)
boolean stringtofloat (bigstring, double *)
boolean floattostring (double, bigstring)
long numberfromhandle (Handle)
void exittooperatingsystem (void)
short dirtoindex (tydirection)
tydirection indextodir (short)
boolean validdirection (tydirection)
tydirection oppositdirection (tydirection dir)
long divup (long, long)
long divround (long, long)
long quantumize (long, long)
boolean truenoop (void)
boolean falsenoop (void)
boolean gestalt (OSType, long *)
boolean listlink (hdllinkedlist, hdllinkedlist)
boolean listunlink (hdllinkedlist, hdllinkedlist)
void getsystemversionstring (bigstring, bigstring)
void getsizestring (unsigned long, bigstring)
unsigned long bcdtolong (unsigned long)

Define Documentation

#define opsinclude

Definition at line 28 of file ops.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tylinkedlistrecord ** hdllinkedlist

typedef struct tylinkedlistrecord * ptrlinkedlist

Function Documentation

short absint short   ) 

Definition at line 84 of file ops.c.

Referenced by pointdist().

unsigned long bcdtolong unsigned  long  ) 

Definition at line 957 of file ops.c.

Referenced by getsystemversionstring(), and initenvironment().

void burntickloops long   ) 

Definition at line 178 of file ops.c.

References ct, and i.

Referenced by zoomrect().

void counttickloops long  ) 

Definition at line 153 of file ops.c.

References ct.

Referenced by zoominit().

boolean delayseconds long   ) 

Definition at line 129 of file ops.c.

Referenced by langfunctionvalue().

boolean delayticks long   ) 

Definition at line 90 of file ops.c.

Referenced by closeabout(), delayseconds(), dialogsimulatehit(), flashrect(), langerrorkeystroke(), langfunctionvalue(), miniiconhit(), myMoof(), and opmovetohotspot().

short dirtoindex tydirection   ) 

Definition at line 529 of file ops.c.

References ctdirections, and directions.

Referenced by dirtostring(), and validdirection().

long divround long  ,

Definition at line 24 of file appletmath.c.

Referenced by opgetlinetext(), and oppointlevel().

long divup long  ,

Definition at line 11 of file appletmath.c.

Referenced by opgetlinestoscrolldownforvisi(), quantumize(), and tablesetprintinfo().

void exittooperatingsystem void   ) 

Definition at line 509 of file ops.c.

References shellframewindow.

Referenced by ccinstalltablestructure(), shellinit(), and shellshutdown().

boolean falsenoop void   ) 

Definition at line 674 of file ops.c.

Referenced by coercionpossible(), initlang(), mininewwindow(), opinitcallbacks(), osahandlerunscript(), shellfalsedefault(), and tablegetcellstring().

boolean floattostring double  ,

Definition at line 442 of file ops.c.

References DecForm, num2str(), and pushchar().

Referenced by coercetostring(), and longrangeerror().

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boolean gestalt OSType  ,

Definition at line 714 of file ops.c.

References gestaltavailable(), and noErr.

Referenced by builtinvalue(), getspecialfolderpath(), getsystemversionstring(), havecomponentmanager(), initenvironment(), initthreads(), landinit(), langgestaltcheck(), osaStartRecording(), and systemhascolor().

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void getsizestring unsigned  long,

Definition at line 913 of file ops.c.

void getsystemversionstring bigstring  ,

Definition at line 860 of file ops.c.

References bcdtolong(), copyctopstring(), gestalt(), nil, numbertostring(), pushchar(), pushint(), and setemptystring.

Referenced by initenvironment(), and sysfunctionvalue().

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tydirection indextodir short   ) 

Definition at line 541 of file ops.c.

References directions.

Referenced by stringtodir().

boolean listlink hdllinkedlist  ,

Definition at line 731 of file ops.c.

References h, tylinkedlistrecord::hnext, and nil.

Referenced by addosaserver(), dbopenverb(), newcomponentglobals(), newthreadglobals(), and pushmenubarlist().

boolean listunlink hdllinkedlist  ,

Definition at line 766 of file ops.c.

References h, tylinkedlistrecord::hnext, and nil.

Referenced by closeosaservers(), dbclosefile(), deletefromprocesslist(), disposecomponentglobals(), disposethreadglobals(), getosaserver(), and popmenubarlist().

unsigned char lowercasechar unsigned  char  ) 

Definition at line 215 of file ops.c.

short maxint short  ,

Definition at line 78 of file ops.c.

short minint short  ,

Definition at line 72 of file ops.c.

Referenced by drawgrid(), opneedvisiscroll(), and stringlessthan().

long numberfromhandle Handle   ) 

Referenced by langipccoerceparam(), osacomponenterror(), and osaDoEvent().

void numbertostring long  ,

Definition at line 244 of file ops.c.

References convertcstring(), and wsprintf.

Referenced by aboutsetthreadstring(), addday(), adddayrows(), addmonthyearrow(), ccupdatestatistics(), coercetostring(), datedayofweektostring(), datemonthtostring(), datenetstandardstring(), deletestorageval(), getmonthurl(), getpagetableaddressverb(), getsizestring(), getstorageval(), getsystemversionstring(), hashgetsizestring(), inetdsupervisor(), intdialog(), kstring(), langgetwithvaluename(), langlongparamerror(), langparamerrormessage(), locksemaphoreverb(), opxmlpushonetaglong(), osacomponentverifyshutdown(), parsenumberstring(), parsepopnumber(), push2digitnum(), pushlong(), runopenrecentmenuscript(), serialstring(), setstorageval(), shellinternalerrormessage(), shorttostring(), volumeinfoerror(), webservercallresponder(), webservermethodnotallowed(), webserverserver(), and writehandlestreamlong().

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tydirection oppositdirection tydirection  dir  ) 

Definition at line 553 of file ops.c.

References down, flatdown, flatup, left, nodirection, pagedown, pageleft, pageright, pageup, right, and up.

Referenced by opkeystroke(), oprepeatedbump(), and wpscroll().

long quantumize long  ,

Definition at line 37 of file appletmath.c.

Referenced by growhandlestream(), and scrollquantum().

void shorttostring short  ,

Definition at line 238 of file ops.c.

References numbertostring().

Referenced by coercetostring(), getiso8601datetimestring(), intdialog(), mrcalendargetdayaddressdive(), pointtostring(), recttostring(), and rgbtostring().

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boolean stringtofloat bigstring  ,
double * 

Definition at line 416 of file ops.c.

References bigstring, isallnumeric(), nthword(), and str2num().

Referenced by coercetodouble(), coercetosingle(), parsepopnumber(), and stringtolong().

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boolean stringtonumber bigstring  ,

Definition at line 260 of file ops.c.

Referenced by explodeversion(), getcardnumber(), getdialogint(), getintfunc(), nextserialnum(), nthint(), opxmlgetonelongvalue(), parsepopnumber(), stringtocolor(), stringtolong(), stringtoshort(), texthandletonumber(), and webserverprocessfirstline().

boolean stringtoshort bigstring  ,

Definition at line 301 of file ops.c.

References short, and stringtonumber().

Referenced by fileparsevolname(), intdialog(), mrcalendargetfirstday(), mrcalendargetlastday(), opxmlgetoneshortvalue(), pathtofilespec(), and setiso8601datetimestring().

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boolean textchar unsigned  char  ) 

Definition at line 226 of file ops.c.

References chdelete.

Referenced by handlewindoweventcommand().

boolean truenoop void   ) 

Definition at line 664 of file ops.c.

Referenced by fwsnewprocess(), initlang(), langrunstringnoerror(), menubarinit(), mininewwindow(), newprocess(), opinitcallbacks(), osahandlerunscript(), setuptableoutlinecallbacks(), shelltruedefault(), and wpnewbuffer().

unsigned char uppercasechar unsigned  char  ) 

Definition at line 204 of file ops.c.

Referenced by chardialog(), mesetcmdkey(), and opcmdkeyfilter().

boolean validdirection tydirection   ) 

Definition at line 547 of file ops.c.

References dirtoindex().

Referenced by coercetodirection().

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