tyMSglobals Struct Reference

#include <osainternal.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 197 of file osainternal.h.

Data Fields

OSType serverid
OSType clientid
hdlmenuarray hsharedmenus
Boolean fldirtysharedmenus
Boolean flscriptcancelled
Boolean flscriptrunning
Boolean flhavecomponentmanager
ComponentInstance serverinstance
unsigned long timefirstrequest
unsigned long timelastformulacheck
MSstringcallbackUPP scripterrorcallback
MSeventcallbackUPP eventfiltercallback
MSmenuscallbackUPP installmenuscallback
MSmenuscallbackUPP removemenuscallback
long idscript

Field Documentation

OSType tyMSglobals::clientid

Definition at line 201 of file osainternal.h.

MSeventcallbackUPP tyMSglobals::eventfiltercallback

Definition at line 221 of file osainternal.h.

Boolean tyMSglobals::fldirtysharedmenus

Definition at line 205 of file osainternal.h.

Boolean tyMSglobals::flhavecomponentmanager

Definition at line 211 of file osainternal.h.

Boolean tyMSglobals::flscriptcancelled

Definition at line 207 of file osainternal.h.

Boolean tyMSglobals::flscriptrunning

Definition at line 209 of file osainternal.h.

hdlmenuarray tyMSglobals::hsharedmenus

Definition at line 203 of file osainternal.h.

long tyMSglobals::idscript

Definition at line 227 of file osainternal.h.

MSmenuscallbackUPP tyMSglobals::installmenuscallback

Definition at line 223 of file osainternal.h.

MSmenuscallbackUPP tyMSglobals::removemenuscallback

Definition at line 225 of file osainternal.h.

MSstringcallbackUPP tyMSglobals::scripterrorcallback

Definition at line 219 of file osainternal.h.

OSType tyMSglobals::serverid

Definition at line 199 of file osainternal.h.

ComponentInstance tyMSglobals::serverinstance

Definition at line 213 of file osainternal.h.

unsigned long tyMSglobals::timefirstrequest

Definition at line 215 of file osainternal.h.

unsigned long tyMSglobals::timelastformulacheck

Definition at line 217 of file osainternal.h.

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