tyappwindow Struct Reference

#include <applet.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 181 of file applet.h.

Data Fields

tyfilespec filespec
short fnum
WindowPtr macwindow
short defaultfont
short defaultsize
short defaultstyle
tyjustification defaultjustification
short fontheight
Handle appdata
Rect windowrect
Rect contentrect
Rect oldcontentrect
Rect statusrect
Rect updaterect
hdlscrollbar vertbar
hdlscrollbar horizbar
boolean flactive
boolean flmadechanges
boolean flresetscrollbars
boolean flcolorwindow
boolean flzoomed
boolean flprinting
boolean fliacdata
OSType iacdataowner
AEDesc iacdatarefcon
short zoomheight
short zoomwidth
Point scrollorigin
tyselectioninfo selectioninfo
RGBColor forecolor
RGBColor backcolor
short originpushdepth
hdlpaletterecord hpalette
Handle undostack
Handle redostack
short windowvertpixels
short windowhorizpixels
Handle hmessage
Rect messagerect
long filetype
long creator
tysystemidlecallback systemidlecallback
long systemidlerefcon
long systemidleticks
long lastsystemidle
boolean systemidlecomplete
unsigned long idleatreset
boolean notsaveable
short statuspixels
tyappcallback msgclickcallback
short idmenu
boolean flcloseonidle
boolean flzoombeforeopen
boolean touchparentsonsave

Field Documentation

Handle tyappwindow::appdata

Definition at line 195 of file applet.h.

RGBColor tyappwindow::backcolor

Definition at line 231 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::contentrect

Definition at line 199 of file applet.h.

long tyappwindow::creator

Definition at line 245 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::defaultfont

Definition at line 189 of file applet.h.

tyjustification tyappwindow::defaultjustification

Definition at line 191 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::defaultsize

Definition at line 189 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::defaultstyle

Definition at line 189 of file applet.h.

tyfilespec tyappwindow::filespec

Definition at line 183 of file applet.h.

Referenced by revertfrontwindow().

long tyappwindow::filetype

Definition at line 245 of file applet.h.

Referenced by newappwindow().

boolean tyappwindow::flactive

Definition at line 207 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flcloseonidle

Definition at line 267 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flcolorwindow

Definition at line 213 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::fliacdata

Definition at line 219 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flmadechanges

Definition at line 209 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flprinting

Definition at line 217 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flresetscrollbars

Definition at line 211 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flzoombeforeopen

Definition at line 269 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::flzoomed

Definition at line 215 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::fnum

Definition at line 185 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::fontheight

Definition at line 193 of file applet.h.

RGBColor tyappwindow::forecolor

Definition at line 231 of file applet.h.

Handle tyappwindow::hmessage

Definition at line 241 of file applet.h.

hdlscrollbar tyappwindow::horizbar

Definition at line 205 of file applet.h.

hdlpaletterecord tyappwindow::hpalette

Definition at line 235 of file applet.h.

Referenced by computewindowinfo().

OSType tyappwindow::iacdataowner

Definition at line 221 of file applet.h.

AEDesc tyappwindow::iacdatarefcon

Definition at line 223 of file applet.h.

unsigned long tyappwindow::idleatreset

Definition at line 257 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::idmenu

Definition at line 265 of file applet.h.

long tyappwindow::lastsystemidle

Definition at line 253 of file applet.h.

WindowPtr tyappwindow::macwindow

Definition at line 187 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::messagerect

Definition at line 243 of file applet.h.

tyappcallback tyappwindow::msgclickcallback

Definition at line 263 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::notsaveable

Definition at line 259 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::oldcontentrect

Definition at line 199 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::originpushdepth

Definition at line 233 of file applet.h.

Handle tyappwindow::redostack

Definition at line 237 of file applet.h.

Point tyappwindow::scrollorigin

Definition at line 227 of file applet.h.

tyselectioninfo tyappwindow::selectioninfo

Definition at line 229 of file applet.h.

Referenced by appsetfontsize(), and normalsetfontcallback().

short tyappwindow::statuspixels

Definition at line 261 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::statusrect

Definition at line 201 of file applet.h.

tysystemidlecallback tyappwindow::systemidlecallback

Definition at line 247 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::systemidlecomplete

Definition at line 255 of file applet.h.

long tyappwindow::systemidlerefcon

Definition at line 249 of file applet.h.

long tyappwindow::systemidleticks

Definition at line 251 of file applet.h.

boolean tyappwindow::touchparentsonsave

Definition at line 271 of file applet.h.

Handle tyappwindow::undostack

Definition at line 237 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::updaterect

Definition at line 203 of file applet.h.

hdlscrollbar tyappwindow::vertbar

Definition at line 205 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::windowhorizpixels

Definition at line 239 of file applet.h.

Rect tyappwindow::windowrect

Definition at line 197 of file applet.h.

Referenced by saveappwindowinfo().

short tyappwindow::windowvertpixels

Definition at line 239 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::zoomheight

Definition at line 225 of file applet.h.

short tyappwindow::zoomwidth

Definition at line 225 of file applet.h.

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