tydebuggerrecord Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file opwinpad.c.

Data Fields

hdlprocessrecord scriptprocess
tysourcerecord scriptsourcestack [maxnestedsources]
short topscriptsource
short sourcesteplevel
tydirection stepdir
short lastlnum
hdlhashtable hlocaltable
hdlhashnode localtablestack [maxchainedlocals]
short toplocaltable
hdlheadrecord hbarcursor
short lastindent
boolean flscriptsuspended: 1
boolean flstepping: 1
boolean flfollowing: 1
boolean flscriptkilled: 1
boolean flscriptrunning: 1
boolean flwindowclosed: 1
boolean fllangerror: 1
boolean flrecording: 1
boolean flcontextlocked: 1
long scriptrefcon
long lastlnum

Field Documentation

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flcontextlocked

Definition at line 183 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptunlockdebuggingcontext().

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flfollowing

Definition at line 171 of file opwinpad.c.

boolean tydebuggerrecord::fllangerror

Definition at line 179 of file opwinpad.c.

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flrecording

Definition at line 181 of file opwinpad.c.

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flscriptkilled

Definition at line 173 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptkillbutton().

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flscriptrunning

Definition at line 175 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptbuttonenabled().

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flscriptsuspended

Definition at line 167 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptgobutton(), and scriptstepbutton().

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flstepping

Definition at line 169 of file opwinpad.c.

boolean tydebuggerrecord::flwindowclosed

Definition at line 177 of file opwinpad.c.

hdlheadrecord tydebuggerrecord::hbarcursor

Definition at line 155 of file opwinpad.c.

hdlhashtable tydebuggerrecord::hlocaltable

Definition at line 141 of file opwinpad.c.

short tydebuggerrecord::lastindent

Definition at line 165 of file opwinpad.c.

long tydebuggerrecord::lastlnum

Definition at line 136 of file scripts.c.

short tydebuggerrecord::lastlnum

Definition at line 139 of file opwinpad.c.

hdlhashnode tydebuggerrecord::localtablestack

Definition at line 143 of file opwinpad.c.

hdlprocessrecord tydebuggerrecord::scriptprocess

Definition at line 129 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptbuttondisplayed(), scriptnewprocess(), and scriptprocesskilled().

long tydebuggerrecord::scriptrefcon

Definition at line 185 of file opwinpad.c.

tysourcerecord tydebuggerrecord::scriptsourcestack

Definition at line 131 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptpushsourcerecord().

short tydebuggerrecord::sourcesteplevel

Definition at line 135 of file opwinpad.c.

tydirection tydebuggerrecord::stepdir

Definition at line 137 of file opwinpad.c.

short tydebuggerrecord::toplocaltable

Definition at line 147 of file opwinpad.c.

short tydebuggerrecord::topscriptsource

Definition at line 133 of file opwinpad.c.

Referenced by scriptdebugtraperror().

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