port_preserve Struct Reference

#include <PGTRAPS.H>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 118 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Data Fields

GrafPtr prev_port
graf_device_ptr last_device
RgnHandle clip_rgn
Rect simple_clip
Point origin
PenState pen_state
short text_mode
short text_font
short text_face
short text_size
RGBColor text_fg
RGBColor text_bk
long old_fg
long old_bk

Field Documentation

RgnHandle port_preserve::clip_rgn

Definition at line 121 of file PGTRAPS.H.

graf_device_ptr port_preserve::last_device

Definition at line 120 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long port_preserve::old_bk

Definition at line 132 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long port_preserve::old_fg

Definition at line 131 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Point port_preserve::origin

Definition at line 123 of file PGTRAPS.H.

PenState port_preserve::pen_state

Definition at line 124 of file PGTRAPS.H.

GrafPtr port_preserve::prev_port

Definition at line 119 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Rect port_preserve::simple_clip

Definition at line 122 of file PGTRAPS.H.

RGBColor port_preserve::text_bk

Definition at line 130 of file PGTRAPS.H.

short port_preserve::text_face

Definition at line 127 of file PGTRAPS.H.

RGBColor port_preserve::text_fg

Definition at line 129 of file PGTRAPS.H.

short port_preserve::text_font

Definition at line 126 of file PGTRAPS.H.

short port_preserve::text_mode

Definition at line 125 of file PGTRAPS.H.

short port_preserve::text_size

Definition at line 128 of file PGTRAPS.H.

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