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Data Structures

struct  tybrowserinfo


#define odbbrowser   true
#define filebrowser   false
#define flnodeisfolder   appbit2
#define flnodeunderlined   appbit3
#define flnodeonscrap   appbit4
#define tmpbit2   appbit5
#define flnodeneedsbuild   appbit6
#define flnewlyinsertednode   appbit7


typedef boolean(* tyclayfileloopcallback )(bigstring, tybrowserinfo *, long)


boolean browserinitrecord (hdltableformats)
boolean clayinitializeoutline (void)
boolean claymakespec (tybrowservol vnum, tybrowserdir dirid, bigstring fname, tybrowserspec *fs)
boolean claygetfilespec (hdlheadrecord, tybrowserspec *)
boolean claygetfileinfo (const tybrowserspec *fs, tybrowserinfo *)
boolean clayfolderloop (const tybrowserspec *, boolean, tyclayfileloopcallback, long)
boolean clayrenamefile (tybrowserspec *fs, hdlheadrecord headnode)
boolean claygetfilename (const tybrowserspec *pfs, bigstring name)
boolean browserexpand (hdlheadrecord, long)
boolean browserselectfile (ptrfilespec, boolean, hdlheadrecord *)
boolean browserexpandtofile (ptrfilespec)
boolean browserfollowalias (hdlheadrecord)
boolean browsernodeexists (hdlheadrecord, const tybrowserspec *)
boolean browsernewfolder (void)
boolean browsernewtextfile (void)
boolean browsernewscript (void)
boolean browsernewoutline (void)
boolean browsernewcopy (tybrowserspec *, bigstring)
boolean browsergetrefcon (hdlheadrecord, tybrowserinfo *)
boolean browsersetrefcon (hdlheadrecord, tybrowserinfo *)
boolean browsercopyfileinfo (hdlheadrecord, tybrowserinfo *)
boolean browseropenmainwindow (void)
boolean browseradjustmenus (void)
boolean browserfileadded (hdlheadrecord, const tybrowserspec *, hdlheadrecord *)
boolean browserloadnode (hdlheadrecord)
boolean browserchecklinelength (short, bigstring)
void browserdrawnodeicon (const Rect *, boolean, hdlheadrecord)
boolean browsersymbolchanged (hdlhashtable, const bigstring, boolean)
boolean browsersymbolinserted (hdlhashtable, const bigstring)
boolean browsersymboldeleted (hdlhashtable, const bigstring)
void browserupdate (void)
boolean browserstart (void)

Define Documentation

#define filebrowser   false

Definition at line 33 of file claybrowser.h.

#define flnewlyinsertednode   appbit7

Definition at line 43 of file claybrowser.h.

#define flnodeisfolder   appbit2

Definition at line 38 of file claybrowser.h.

#define flnodeneedsbuild   appbit6

Definition at line 42 of file claybrowser.h.

#define flnodeonscrap   appbit4

Definition at line 40 of file claybrowser.h.

#define flnodeunderlined   appbit3

Definition at line 39 of file claybrowser.h.

#define odbbrowser   true

Definition at line 32 of file claybrowser.h.

#define tmpbit2   appbit5

Definition at line 41 of file claybrowser.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boolean(* tyclayfileloopcallback)(bigstring, tybrowserinfo *, long)

Definition at line 124 of file claybrowser.h.

Function Documentation

boolean browseradjustmenus void   ) 

boolean browserchecklinelength short  ,

Definition at line 187 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References alertdialog(), bigstring, BIGSTRING, copystring(), pushlong(), pushstring(), and stringlength.

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boolean browsercopyfileinfo hdlheadrecord  ,

Definition at line 73 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References browsersetrefcon(), and hnode.

Referenced by browserexpandvisit(), and browserloadnode().

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void browserdrawnodeicon const Rect ,
boolean  ,

Definition at line 1085 of file tabledisplay.c.

References align(), browsergetrefcon(), hnode, opgetheadicon(), ploticonresource(), and ttLabel.

Referenced by tabledrawnodeicon().

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boolean browserexpand hdlheadrecord  ,

Definition at line 380 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browserexpand(), browserexpandvisit(), clayfolderloop(), claygetfilespec(), tyexpandinfo::ctlevels, expandcount, tyexpandinfo::flsettmpbits, tyexpandinfo::flsortnodes, hnode, tyexpandinfo::hparent, opchasedown(), and opsubheadsexpanded().

Referenced by browserexpand(), browserexpandvisit(), and browserpreexpand().

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boolean browserexpandtofile ptrfilespec   ) 

Definition at line 599 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browserselectfile(), hnode, opclearallmarks(), opjumpto(), and opupdatenow().

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boolean browserfileadded hdlheadrecord  ,
const tybrowserspec *  ,

Definition at line 242 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References bigstring, browserexpandvisit(), claygetfileinfo(), claygetfilename(), tyexpandinfo::ctlevels, fl, tyexpandinfo::flsettmpbits, tyexpandinfo::flsortnodes, tyexpandinfo::hparent, and opexpandupdate().

Referenced by tablesymbolinsertedvisit().

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boolean browserfollowalias hdlheadrecord   ) 

boolean browsergetrefcon hdlheadrecord  ,

Definition at line 61 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References hnode, info, and opgetrefcon().

Referenced by browsercanexpand(), browsercompareforcollision(), browserdrawnodeicon(), browserfindinsertionpoint(), browserinsertagain(), browsermoveto(), browserpredrag(), browsersortfolder(), browsertextchanged(), browservalidatedrag(), claygetfilespec(), claypostdrawline(), claypushnodestyle(), lineinsertvisit(), tablepushnodestyle(), tablesymbolchangedvisit(), tablesymboldeletedvisit(), tablesymbolzoomvisit(), and validatemovevisit().

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boolean browserinitrecord hdltableformats   ) 

Referenced by browsernewwindow().

boolean browserloadnode hdlheadrecord   ) 

Definition at line 169 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References browsercopyfileinfo(), claygetfileinfo(), claygetfilespec(), tybrowserinfo::flfolder, and hnode.

Referenced by browsertextchanged(), and tablesymbolchangedvisit().

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boolean browsernewcopy tybrowserspec *  ,

boolean browsernewfolder void   ) 

boolean browsernewoutline void   ) 

boolean browsernewscript void   ) 

boolean browsernewtextfile void   ) 

boolean browsernodeexists hdlheadrecord  ,
const tybrowserspec * 

boolean browseropenmainwindow void   ) 

Definition at line 493 of file browserverbs.c.

References browserfindwindow(), browsernewwindow(), browserwindow, and windowbringtofront().

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boolean browserselectfile ptrfilespec  ,
boolean  ,

Definition at line 514 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References bigstring, compoundexpand, copystring(), deletestring(), filespectopath(), firstword(), flreturn, hnode, nil, opcleartmpbits(), opdisabledisplay(), openabledisplay(), opexpand(), opfindhead(), opinvaldisplay(), opnavigate(), opresetscrollbars(), opsubheadsexpanded(), right, and stringlength.

Referenced by browserexpandtofile().

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boolean browsersetrefcon hdlheadrecord  ,

Definition at line 67 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References hnode, info, and opsetrefcon().

Referenced by browsercopyfileinfo(), browsermoveto(), and lineinsertvisit().

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean browserstart void   ) 

Definition at line 506 of file browserverbs.c.

References browserclose(), browserdata, browsergetcontentsize(), browsergettargetdata(), browseridle(), browserresetrects(), browserresize(), browsersetfont(), browsersetglobals(), browsersetsize(), browserupdate(), browserwindow, browserwindowinfo, loadconfigresource(), opactivate(), opclear(), opcopy(), opcut(), opeditgetundoglobals(), opeditsetundoglobals(), opkeystroke(), opmousedown(), oppaste(), opprint(), opresetscrollbars(), opscroll(), opselectall(), opsetcursor(), opsetprintinfo(), opsetselectioninfo(), opsettextmode(), and shellnewcallbacks().

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boolean browsersymbolchanged hdlhashtable  ,
const   bigstring,

boolean browsersymboldeleted hdlhashtable  ,
const   bigstring

boolean browsersymbolinserted hdlhashtable  ,
const   bigstring

void browserupdate void   ) 

Referenced by browserstart().

boolean clayfolderloop const tybrowserspec *  ,
boolean  ,
tyclayfileloopcallback  ,

Referenced by browserexpand(), and initializetableoutline().

boolean claygetfileinfo const tybrowserspec *  fs,

Definition at line 650 of file claycallbacks.c.

References clearbytes(), ct, tyvaluerecord::data, tyvaluedata::externalvalue, externalvaluetype, filegetinfo(), hashcountitems(), hnode, info, istablevariable(), langexternalvaltotable(), nil, roottable, and tyvaluerecord::valuetype.

Referenced by browserfileadded(), browserloadnode(), and browsermoveto().

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boolean claygetfilename const tybrowserspec *  pfs,
bigstring  name

Definition at line 747 of file claycallbacks.c.

References copystring(), and filegetfilename().

Referenced by browserfileadded().

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean claygetfilespec hdlheadrecord  ,
tybrowserspec * 

Definition at line 121 of file claybrowserstruc.c.

References bigstring, browsergetrefcon(), claymakespec(), clearbytes(), hnode, info, and opgetheadstring().

Referenced by browserdeletedummyvalues(), browserdragcopy(), browserexpand(), browsergetnodevalue(), browsergetparentspec(), browserloadnode(), browsermoveto(), browserpredrag(), browserreleaserefcon(), browsertextchanged(), closeownedwindows(), opnodeistable(), tablegetcellstring(), tablegetwpedittext(), tablesymbolinsertedvisit(), tablesymbolsresortedvisit(), and tablesymbolzoomvisit().

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boolean clayinitializeoutline void   ) 

boolean claymakespec tybrowservol  vnum,
tybrowserdir  dirid,
bigstring  fname,
tybrowserspec *  fs

Referenced by claygetfilespec(), claygetspecialfolder(), claygetsubitemspec(), and claygetuniquefilename().

boolean clayrenamefile tybrowserspec *  fs,
hdlheadrecord  headnode

Definition at line 765 of file claycallbacks.c.

References bigstring, opendinternalchange(), opgetheadstring(), opstartinternalchange(), renamefile(), and tablesetitemname().

Referenced by browsertextchanged().

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