appletwindowmenu.h File Reference

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#define appletwindowmenuinclude


void adjustwindowmenu (void)
void selectwindowmenu (short iditem)
void initwindowmenu (void)


MenuHandle hdlwindowmenu

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#define appletwindowmenuinclude

Definition at line 7 of file appletwindowmenu.h.

Function Documentation

void adjustwindowmenu void   ) 

Definition at line 69 of file appletwindowmenu.c.

References alllower(), bigstring, copystring(), countmacwindows(), countmenuitems(), deletemenuitem(), disposehandle(), fillwindowarrayvisit(), firstwindowmenuslot, hdlwindowmenu, i, ixwindowarray, longsizeof, newclearhandle(), nil, stringlessthan(), visitmacwindows(), and windowarray.

Referenced by adjustmenus().

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void initwindowmenu void   ) 

Definition at line 171 of file appletwindowmenu.c.

References app, countmenuitems(), firstwindowmenuslot, tyappletrecord::haswindowmenu, hdlwindowmenu, installmenu(), and windowmenu.

Referenced by initmenus().

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void selectwindowmenu short  iditem  ) 

Definition at line 164 of file appletwindowmenu.c.

References firstwindowmenuslot, nil, and windowarray.

Referenced by handlemenu().

Variable Documentation

MenuHandle hdlwindowmenu

Definition at line 14 of file appletwindowmenu.c.

Referenced by adjustwindowmenu(), and initwindowmenu().

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