typrocessrecord Struct Reference

#include <process.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file process.h.

Data Fields

typrocessrecord ** hnextprocess
typrocesslist ** hprocesslist
hdltreenode hcode
hdltreenode holdcode
hdlhashtable hcontext
langerrormessagecallback errormessagecallback
langerrormessagecallback debugerrormessagecallback
langvoidcallback clearerrorcallback
unsigned long sleepuntil
hdltablestack htablestack
hdlerrorstack herrorstack
hdlprocessthread hthread
boolean flsleepinbackground
boolean fldebugging
boolean flscheduled
boolean floneshot
boolean flrunning
boolean fldisposewhenidle
boolean flprofiling
boolean flprofilesliced
tyexternalvariable ** hprofiledata
langvoidcallback processstartedroutine
langvoidcallback processkilledroutine
bigstring bsmsg
bigstring bsname
long processrefcon

Field Documentation

bigstring typrocessrecord::bsmsg

Definition at line 94 of file process.h.

bigstring typrocessrecord::bsname

Definition at line 96 of file process.h.

langvoidcallback typrocessrecord::clearerrorcallback

Definition at line 62 of file process.h.

langerrormessagecallback typrocessrecord::debugerrormessagecallback

Definition at line 60 of file process.h.

langerrormessagecallback typrocessrecord::errormessagecallback

Definition at line 58 of file process.h.

boolean typrocessrecord::fldebugging

Definition at line 74 of file process.h.

boolean typrocessrecord::fldisposewhenidle

Definition at line 82 of file process.h.

Referenced by disposeprocesslist(), and processkill().

boolean typrocessrecord::floneshot

Definition at line 78 of file process.h.

Referenced by processruncode().

boolean typrocessrecord::flprofilesliced

Definition at line 86 of file process.h.

Referenced by langpoperrorcallback().

boolean typrocessrecord::flprofiling

Definition at line 84 of file process.h.

Referenced by kernelfunctionvalue(), langpoperrorcallback(), langpusherrorcallback(), langstartprofiling(), langstopprofiling(), processstartprofiling(), and processstopprofiling().

boolean typrocessrecord::flrunning

Definition at line 80 of file process.h.

boolean typrocessrecord::flscheduled

Definition at line 76 of file process.h.

boolean typrocessrecord::flsleepinbackground

Definition at line 72 of file process.h.

hdltreenode typrocessrecord::hcode

Definition at line 52 of file process.h.

hdlhashtable typrocessrecord::hcontext

Definition at line 56 of file process.h.

hdlerrorstack typrocessrecord::herrorstack

Definition at line 68 of file process.h.

struct typrocessrecord** typrocessrecord::hnextprocess

Definition at line 48 of file process.h.

Referenced by addprocess(), agentscheduler(), disposeprocesslist(), oneshotscheduler(), processdisposecode(), processfindcode(), and processreplacecode().

hdltreenode typrocessrecord::holdcode

Definition at line 54 of file process.h.

Referenced by processreplacecode().

struct typrocesslist** typrocessrecord::hprocesslist

Definition at line 50 of file process.h.

Referenced by addprocess().

struct tyexternalvariable** typrocessrecord::hprofiledata

Definition at line 88 of file process.h.

hdltablestack typrocessrecord::htablestack

Definition at line 66 of file process.h.

hdlprocessthread typrocessrecord::hthread

Definition at line 70 of file process.h.

langvoidcallback typrocessrecord::processkilledroutine

Definition at line 92 of file process.h.

Referenced by meuserselected().

long typrocessrecord::processrefcon

Definition at line 98 of file process.h.

Referenced by langipcruncode(), langipcrunitem(), and osahandlerunscript().

langvoidcallback typrocessrecord::processstartedroutine

Definition at line 90 of file process.h.

Referenced by cmdiconhit(), scriptnewprocess(), threadcallscriptverb(), and threadfunctionvalue().

unsigned long typrocessrecord::sleepuntil

Definition at line 64 of file process.h.

Referenced by agentscheduler().

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