tyclaystatusicon Struct Reference

#include <clay.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file clay.h.

Data Fields

hdlstring foldername
hdlstring helpstring
hdlstring buttontext
Rect iconrect
short iconresnum
MenuHandle hmenu
boolean flpopup
boolean flsingleclickpopup
boolean fldisposemenu
boolean flbreakafter
boolean fltextbutton
boolean flnofolder
boolean fltoggles
boolean flpressed
boolean fldisabled
boolean flcustomrect
short idpopupmenu
tygetmenucallback getmenucallback
tymenuselectcallback menuselectcallback
tybuttonhitcallback buttonhitcallback
tyidlecallback idlecallback
long refcon

Field Documentation

tybuttonhitcallback tyclaystatusicon::buttonhitcallback

Definition at line 126 of file clay.h.

hdlstring tyclaystatusicon::buttontext

Definition at line 92 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flbreakafter

Definition at line 106 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flcustomrect

Definition at line 118 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::fldisabled

Definition at line 116 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::fldisposemenu

Definition at line 104 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flnofolder

Definition at line 110 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flpopup

Definition at line 100 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flpressed

Definition at line 114 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::flsingleclickpopup

Definition at line 102 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::fltextbutton

Definition at line 108 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaystatusicon::fltoggles

Definition at line 112 of file clay.h.

hdlstring tyclaystatusicon::foldername

Definition at line 88 of file clay.h.

tygetmenucallback tyclaystatusicon::getmenucallback

Definition at line 122 of file clay.h.

hdlstring tyclaystatusicon::helpstring

Definition at line 90 of file clay.h.

MenuHandle tyclaystatusicon::hmenu

Definition at line 98 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaystatusicon::iconrect

Definition at line 94 of file clay.h.

short tyclaystatusicon::iconresnum

Definition at line 96 of file clay.h.

tyidlecallback tyclaystatusicon::idlecallback

Definition at line 128 of file clay.h.

short tyclaystatusicon::idpopupmenu

Definition at line 120 of file clay.h.

tymenuselectcallback tyclaystatusicon::menuselectcallback

Definition at line 124 of file clay.h.

long tyclaystatusicon::refcon

Definition at line 130 of file clay.h.

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