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Data Structures

struct  xmladdress


typedef xmladdressptrxmladdress


boolean xmlcompile (Handle htext, xmladdress *xmladr)
boolean isxmlmatch (hdlhashnode hn, bigstring name)
boolean xmlgetname (bigstring bsname)
boolean xmlgetattribute (hdlhashtable ht, bigstring name, hdlhashtable *adratts)
boolean gethashnodetable (hdlhashnode hn, hdlhashtable *ht)
boolean replaceallinhandle (bigstring bsfind, bigstring bsreplace, Handle htext)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct xmladdress * ptrxmladdress

Function Documentation

boolean gethashnodetable hdlhashnode  hn,
hdlhashtable ht

Definition at line 2511 of file langxml.c.

References bigstring, cantdecompilerror, gethashkey, langexternalvaltotable(), langgetmiscstring(), langparamerror(), nil, and nilstring.

Referenced by decompilevisit(), opxmlfindtableitem(), opxmltooutline(), opxmltooutlinevisit(), and xmldecompile().

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boolean isxmlmatch hdlhashnode  hn,
bigstring  name

Definition at line 3004 of file langxml.c.

References bigstring, equalstrings(), gethashkey, and nthword().

Referenced by opxmlfindtableitem(), opxmlgetonevalue(), opxmlheadexists(), xmlgetaddress(), and xmlgetaddresslist().

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boolean replaceallinhandle bigstring  bsfind,
bigstring  bsreplace,
Handle  htext

Definition at line 228 of file langxml.c.

References disposehandle(), fl, newtexthandle(), nil, and textfindreplace().

Referenced by getnexttoken(), opxmldecodetext(), opxmlencodetext(), and xmlvaltostring().

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boolean xmlcompile Handle  htext,
xmladdress xmladr

if (!closetoken.isTag || closetoken.openTag || !equalhandles (closetoken.tokenstring, token.tokenstring)) scriptError (badxmltexterror, STR_wewereexpecting, bstoken, closetoken.pos);

Definition at line 1920 of file langxml.c.

References assert, assignemptytag(), assignstringtag(), assigntokenstringvalue(), assignxmltoken(), badxmltexterror, bigstring, BIGSTRING, booleanvaluetype, xmladdress::bs, bstoken, coercevalue(), copyvaluerecord(), createtokentable(), debuggingcurrentprocess(), disposehashtable(), disposexmltoken(), doublevaluetype, equalhandles(), equalidentifiers(), equalstrings(), exemptfromtmpstack(), findinparenttable(), fl, getcurrentthread(), gethashkey, getnewitemaddress(), getnexttoken(), hashcountitems(), hashtableassign(), hashtabledelete(), hashtablelookup(), hnode, xmladdress::ht, inmainthread(), intvaluetype, isallnumeric(), langassignnewtablevalue(), langassignstringvalue(), longvaluetype, lookupstringvalue(), missingxmlattributeserror, namenomad(), newhashtable(), newxmltoken(), nil, novaluetype, openhandlestream(), processsleep(), pullstringvalue(), scriptError, setdatevalue(), setiso8601datetimestring(), setstringlength, STR_boolean, STR_cdata, STR_comment, STR_datetimeiso8601, STR_doctype, STR_double, STR_float, STR_i1, STR_i2, STR_i4, STR_int, STR_itcantendontag, STR_itmustendwithtag, STR_pcdata, STR_prefix, STR_string, STR_toomanytags, STR_version, STR_wewereexpecting, STR_wewereexpectingtag, STR_xmldecl, STR_xmlnamespace, stringlength, stringvaluetype, texthandletostring(), and zerostring.

Referenced by opxmltooutline(), and xmlcompileverb().

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boolean xmlgetattribute hdlhashtable  ht,
bigstring  name,
hdlhashtable adratts

Definition at line 3099 of file langxml.c.

References cantfindattributeerror, hashtablelookup(), hashtablesymbolexists(), hnode, langexternalvaltotable(), langparamerror(), noattributestableerror, and STR_atts.

Referenced by opxmlgetattribute(), opxmlgetheadlinetextfromatts(), xmlgetattributevalueverb(), and xmlgetattributeverb().

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boolean xmlgetname bigstring  bsname  ) 

Definition at line 2308 of file langxml.c.

References BIGSTRING, nthword(), replaceallinstring(), and stringfindchar().

Referenced by decompilevisit(), opbuttonsattach(), opxmltooutlinevisit(), and xmldecompile().

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