tymenurecord Struct Reference

#include <menueditor.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file menueditor.h.

Data Fields

hdloutlinerecord menuoutline
dbaddress adroutline
hdlmenubarstack hmenustack
Rect menuwindowrect
short menuactiveitem
short menuactivelayer
WindowPtr scriptwindow
Rect scriptwindowrect
Rect menuoutlinerect
Rect cmdkeypopuprect
Rect iconrect
hdlheadrecord scriptnode
hdloutlinerecord scriptoutline
short defaultscriptfontnum
short defaultscriptfontsize
short movecursorto
boolean fldirty
boolean fllocked
boolean flwindowopen
boolean flactive
boolean flautosmash
boolean flinstalled
boolean flcursormoved
long menurefcon

Field Documentation

dbaddress tymenurecord::adroutline

Definition at line 161 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by mesetupmenurecord().

Rect tymenurecord::cmdkeypopuprect

Definition at line 177 of file menueditor.h.

short tymenurecord::defaultscriptfontnum

Definition at line 185 of file menueditor.h.

short tymenurecord::defaultscriptfontsize

Definition at line 185 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::flactive

Definition at line 195 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by meclearmenubar().

boolean tymenurecord::flautosmash

Definition at line 197 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::flcursormoved

Definition at line 201 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::fldirty

Definition at line 189 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::flinstalled

Definition at line 199 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::fllocked

Definition at line 191 of file menueditor.h.

boolean tymenurecord::flwindowopen

Definition at line 193 of file menueditor.h.

hdlmenubarstack tymenurecord::hmenustack

Definition at line 163 of file menueditor.h.

Rect tymenurecord::iconrect

Definition at line 179 of file menueditor.h.

short tymenurecord::menuactiveitem

Definition at line 167 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by menewmenurecord().

short tymenurecord::menuactivelayer

Definition at line 169 of file menueditor.h.

hdloutlinerecord tymenurecord::menuoutline

Definition at line 159 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by meeditmenurecord(), and mesavemenurecord().

Rect tymenurecord::menuoutlinerect

Definition at line 175 of file menueditor.h.

long tymenurecord::menurefcon

Definition at line 207 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by menuverbinmemory().

Rect tymenurecord::menuwindowrect

Definition at line 165 of file menueditor.h.

Referenced by menuedit().

short tymenurecord::movecursorto

Definition at line 187 of file menueditor.h.

hdlheadrecord tymenurecord::scriptnode

Definition at line 181 of file menueditor.h.

hdloutlinerecord tymenurecord::scriptoutline

Definition at line 183 of file menueditor.h.

WindowPtr tymenurecord::scriptwindow

Definition at line 171 of file menueditor.h.

Rect tymenurecord::scriptwindowrect

Definition at line 173 of file menueditor.h.

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