tylandglobals Struct Reference

#include <land.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 415 of file land.h.

Data Fields

boolean flconnected
boolean flacceptanyverb
tytransport transport
tyapplicationid applicationid
short iderrorlist
hdlverbarray verbarray
WindowPtr statswindow
tyverbclass currentclass
pascal boolean(* handleverbroutine )(hdlverbrecord)
pascal boolean(* findhandlerroutine )(hdlverbrecord)
landeventrecordcallback breakembraceroutine
landnoparamcallback macopenapproutine
landfilespeccallback macopendocroutine
landfilespeccallback macprintdocroutine
landnoparamcallback macquitapproutine
tyapplicationid maceventsender
tyeventcreatecallback eventcreatecallback
tyeventsendcallback eventsendcallback
tymacnetglobals macnetglobals
boolean fldirtyruntimemenus
boolean flscriptcancelled
long idmenuscript
hdlmenuarray hmenuarray
tysystem6processid system6processid
short ipcrefnum
Handle hqueue
short maxqueuedepth
long initialfreemem
tymaceventsettings eventsettings
OSErr landerrorcode

Field Documentation

tyapplicationid tylandglobals::applicationid

Definition at line 423 of file land.h.

landeventrecordcallback tylandglobals::breakembraceroutine

Definition at line 437 of file land.h.

tyverbclass tylandglobals::currentclass

Definition at line 431 of file land.h.

tyeventcreatecallback tylandglobals::eventcreatecallback

Definition at line 453 of file land.h.

tyeventsendcallback tylandglobals::eventsendcallback

Definition at line 455 of file land.h.

tymaceventsettings tylandglobals::eventsettings

Definition at line 479 of file land.h.

pascal boolean(* tylandglobals::findhandlerroutine)(hdlverbrecord)

boolean tylandglobals::flacceptanyverb

Definition at line 419 of file land.h.

boolean tylandglobals::flconnected

Definition at line 417 of file land.h.

boolean tylandglobals::fldirtyruntimemenus

Definition at line 459 of file land.h.

boolean tylandglobals::flscriptcancelled

Definition at line 461 of file land.h.

pascal boolean(* tylandglobals::handleverbroutine)(hdlverbrecord)

hdlmenuarray tylandglobals::hmenuarray

Definition at line 465 of file land.h.

Handle tylandglobals::hqueue

Definition at line 471 of file land.h.

short tylandglobals::iderrorlist

Definition at line 425 of file land.h.

long tylandglobals::idmenuscript

Definition at line 463 of file land.h.

long tylandglobals::initialfreemem

Definition at line 477 of file land.h.

short tylandglobals::ipcrefnum

Definition at line 469 of file land.h.

OSErr tylandglobals::landerrorcode

Definition at line 481 of file land.h.

tyapplicationid tylandglobals::maceventsender

Definition at line 451 of file land.h.

tymacnetglobals tylandglobals::macnetglobals

Definition at line 457 of file land.h.

landnoparamcallback tylandglobals::macopenapproutine

Definition at line 443 of file land.h.

landfilespeccallback tylandglobals::macopendocroutine

Definition at line 445 of file land.h.

landfilespeccallback tylandglobals::macprintdocroutine

Definition at line 447 of file land.h.

landnoparamcallback tylandglobals::macquitapproutine

Definition at line 449 of file land.h.

short tylandglobals::maxqueuedepth

Definition at line 473 of file land.h.

WindowPtr tylandglobals::statswindow

Definition at line 429 of file land.h.

tysystem6processid tylandglobals::system6processid

Definition at line 467 of file land.h.

tytransport tylandglobals::transport

Definition at line 421 of file land.h.

Referenced by landinit().

hdlverbarray tylandglobals::verbarray

Definition at line 427 of file land.h.

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