opdraggingmove.h File Reference

#include "opinternal.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tyhotspot


#define opdraggingmoveinclude
#define draggingscrollrate   2


void operasehotspot (tyhotspot *hotspot)
void opscrollfordrag (tyhotspot *hotspot, tydirection scrolldir)
boolean opisdraggingmove (Point, unsigned long)
void opdraggingmove (Point, hdlheadrecord)
boolean opmovetohotspot (tyhotspot *hotspot)
void opgetwindowhandle (Point pt, Handle *windowhandle)
void opsetwindowhandlecontext (Handle windowhandle)

Define Documentation

#define draggingscrollrate   2

Definition at line 37 of file opdraggingmove.h.

Referenced by opdraggingmove().

#define opdraggingmoveinclude

Definition at line 28 of file opdraggingmove.h.

Function Documentation

void opdraggingmove Point  ,

Definition at line 585 of file opdraggingmove.c.

void operasehotspot tyhotspot hotspot  ) 

Definition at line 137 of file opdraggingmove.c.

References nodirection, and opdrawarrowicon().

Referenced by opdraggingmove(), opmovetohotspot(), opscrollfordrag(), and opupdatehotspot().

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void opgetwindowhandle Point  pt,
Handle windowhandle

Referenced by opdraggingmove().

boolean opisdraggingmove Point  ,
unsigned  long

Definition at line 575 of file opdraggingmove.c.

References draggingpix, draggingticks, getmousepoint(), and pointdist().

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boolean opmovetohotspot tyhotspot hotspot  ) 

Definition at line 419 of file opdraggingmove.c.

References delayticks(), tydraginfo::dir, down, hfirstmoved, tydraginfo::hnode, tyhotspot::htarget, movetohotspotvisit(), nil, nodirection, opafterstrucchange(), opbeforestrucchange(), opclearmarks(), opcleartmpbits(), opdrawhotspot(), operasehotspot(), opexpand(), opfastcollapse(), opgetlastsubhead(), ophassubheads(), opmoveto(), opresetscrollbars(), opsetctexpanded(), opsubheadsexpanded(), optionkeydown(), opvisinode(), opvisitmarked(), outlinedata, pushundoaction(), right, and undomovestring.

Referenced by opdraggingmove().

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void opscrollfordrag tyhotspot hotspot,
tydirection  scrolldir

Definition at line 557 of file opdraggingmove.c.

References tyscrollinfo::cur, down, operasehotspot(), opscroll(), outlinedata, up, and tyoutlinerecord::vertscrollinfo.

Referenced by opdraggingmove().

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void opsetwindowhandlecontext Handle  windowhandle  ) 

Referenced by opdraggingmove().

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