appletfrontier.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include <iac.h>
#include "appletdefs.h"
#include "appletmemory.h"
#include "appletstrings.h"
#include "appletfiles.h"
#include "appletprocess.h"
#include "appletfrontier.h"

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Data Structures

struct  versionRecord


#define frag1   "\pif not defined ("
#define frag2   "\p) {speaker.beep (); return;}; Frontier.bringToFront (); edit (@"
#define frag3   "\p)"


boolean FrontierOpenObject (bigstring objectaddress)
boolean FrontierGetObject (Handle hscript, bigstring errorstring, Handle *hreturns, OSType *binarytype)
boolean FrontierDoScript (bigstring script, bigstring returns)
boolean FrontierDoHandleScript (Handle hscript, boolean flfast, boolean flgetreturn, bigstring errorstring, Handle *hreturns)
boolean FrontierFastDoScript (bigstring bsscript, boolean flgetreturn, bigstring errorstring, bigstring bsreply)
boolean FrontierIsRunning (void)
boolean getFrontierVersion (short *majorRev, short *minorRev, short *bugFixRev, boolean *flRuntime)
static boolean pushStandardParams (void)
static pascal void asynchReplyHandler (AppleEvent *reply)
boolean tableVerb (OSType command, tyalertcallback alert, boolean flsynchronous)
boolean renameEmbeddedTable (bigstring oldname, bigstring newname, tyalertcallback alert)
boolean getEmbeddedTable (tyalertcallback alert)
boolean runEmbeddedScript (Handle hscript, Handle *hreturns)
boolean editFrontierObject (bigstring celladdress)


static OSType idFrontier = 'LAND'
tyembeddedinfo embeddedinfo
tyalertcallback alertcallback

Define Documentation

#define frag1   "\pif not defined ("

Definition at line 41 of file appletfrontier.c.

#define frag2   "\p) {speaker.beep (); return;}; Frontier.bringToFront (); edit (@"

Definition at line 43 of file appletfrontier.c.

#define frag3   "\p)"

Definition at line 45 of file appletfrontier.c.

Function Documentation

static pascal void asynchReplyHandler AppleEvent reply  )  [static]

Definition at line 669 of file appletfrontier.c.

References nil.

Referenced by tableVerb().

boolean editFrontierObject bigstring  celladdress  ) 

Definition at line 880 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierDoHandleScript Handle  hscript,
boolean  flfast,
boolean  flgetreturn,
bigstring  errorstring,
Handle hreturns

Definition at line 215 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierDoScript bigstring  script,
bigstring  returns

Definition at line 140 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierFastDoScript bigstring  bsscript,
boolean  flgetreturn,
bigstring  errorstring,
bigstring  bsreply

Definition at line 500 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierGetObject Handle  hscript,
bigstring  errorstring,
Handle hreturns,
OSType binarytype

Definition at line 68 of file appletfrontier.c.

Referenced by recalcclone().

boolean FrontierIsRunning void   ) 

Definition at line 560 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean FrontierOpenObject bigstring  objectaddress  ) 

Definition at line 48 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean getEmbeddedTable tyalertcallback  alert  ) 

Definition at line 766 of file appletfrontier.c.

References error, and nil.

boolean getFrontierVersion short majorRev,
short minorRev,
short bugFixRev,
boolean flRuntime

Definition at line 568 of file appletfrontier.c.

static boolean pushStandardParams void   )  [static]

Definition at line 651 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean renameEmbeddedTable bigstring  oldname,
bigstring  newname,
tyalertcallback  alert

Definition at line 734 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean runEmbeddedScript Handle  hscript,
Handle hreturns

Definition at line 823 of file appletfrontier.c.

boolean tableVerb OSType  command,
tyalertcallback  alert,
boolean  flsynchronous

Definition at line 683 of file appletfrontier.c.

References asynchReplyHandler(), error, and IACsendverb().

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Variable Documentation

tyalertcallback alertcallback

Definition at line 666 of file appletfrontier.c.

tyembeddedinfo embeddedinfo

Definition at line 38 of file appletfrontier.c.

OSType idFrontier = 'LAND' [static]

Definition at line 21 of file appletfrontier.c.

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