clay.h File Reference

#include <standard.h>
#include "op.h"
#include "tableeditor.h"
#include "claylinelayout.h"

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Data Structures

struct  tyclaystatusicon
struct  tyclaydata


#define clayinclude
#define fastunicaseequalstrings   equalidentifiers
#define maxtablecols   3
#define outlinetopinset   3
#define outlinebottominset   0
#define outlineleftinset   3
#define outlinerightinset   0
#define browserfiletype   'FSYS'
#define outlinerfiletype   'OUTL'
#define processlistfiletype   'PROC'
#define scriptfiletype   '2CLK'
#define textfiletype   'TEXT'
#define styledtextfiletype   'WPTX'
#define msgviewerfiletype   'MSGV'
#define msgeditorfiletype   'MSGE'
#define bbsoutlinefiletype   'MSGO'
#define messagereffiletype   'MREF'
#define bookmarkfiletype   'BOOK'
#define websitefiletype   'WBST'
#define ctwindowtypes   7
#define flnodeisfolder   appbit2
#define flnodeunderlined   appbit3
#define flnodeonscrap   appbit4
#define tmpbit2   appbit5
#define flnodeneedsbuild   appbit6
#define flnewlyinsertednode   appbit7
#define maxicons   15


typedef bigstring tyfoldername
typedef boolean(* tygetmenucallback )(short)
typedef boolean(* tyidlecallback )(short)
typedef boolean(* tymenuselectcallback )(short, short)
typedef boolean(* tybuttonhitcallback )(short)
typedef boolean(* tyclaycallback )(void)
typedef boolean(* tyoutlinecallback )(hdloutlinerecord)
typedef boolean(* tyshortstarcallback )(short *)
typedef boolean(* tymenuhitcallback )(short, short)
typedef tyclaydata ** hdlclaydata


boolean claybrowserkeystroke (void)
void claypopwindowglobals (void)
short claymsgclick (short, short)
void clayidleanalysis (boolean *, boolean *, boolean *)
void clayidleforall (void)
boolean claygetfrontwindow (hdlwindowinfo *)
boolean claygetfrontoutline (hdloutlinerecord *)
boolean claywindowcontainsoutline (hdlclaydata)
boolean clayfrontwindowcontainsoutline (void)
boolean clayopendoc (FSSpec *)
boolean claypushpopupitem (short, bigstring, boolean)
boolean claynewappwindow (OSType)

Define Documentation

#define bbsoutlinefiletype   'MSGO'

Definition at line 56 of file clay.h.

#define bookmarkfiletype   'BOOK'

Definition at line 58 of file clay.h.

#define browserfiletype   'FSYS'

Definition at line 48 of file clay.h.

#define clayinclude

Definition at line 28 of file clay.h.

#define ctwindowtypes   7

Definition at line 63 of file clay.h.

#define fastunicaseequalstrings   equalidentifiers

Definition at line 33 of file clay.h.

Referenced by setfontpopup().

#define flnewlyinsertednode   appbit7

Definition at line 73 of file clay.h.

#define flnodeisfolder   appbit2

Definition at line 68 of file clay.h.

#define flnodeneedsbuild   appbit6

Definition at line 72 of file clay.h.

#define flnodeonscrap   appbit4

Definition at line 70 of file clay.h.

#define flnodeunderlined   appbit3

Definition at line 69 of file clay.h.

#define maxicons   15

Definition at line 76 of file clay.h.

#define maxtablecols   3

Definition at line 40 of file clay.h.

Referenced by ccwindowsetuptableview(), newtableformats(), tableafterprintpage(), tablebeforeprintpage(), tablebeginprint(), tableendprint(), tablepackformats(), tableunpackformats(), and tableunpackversion1formats().

#define messagereffiletype   'MREF'

Definition at line 57 of file clay.h.

#define msgeditorfiletype   'MSGE'

Definition at line 55 of file clay.h.

#define msgviewerfiletype   'MSGV'

Definition at line 54 of file clay.h.

#define outlinebottominset   0

Definition at line 43 of file clay.h.

#define outlineleftinset   3

Definition at line 44 of file clay.h.

#define outlinerfiletype   'OUTL'

Definition at line 49 of file clay.h.

#define outlinerightinset   0

Definition at line 45 of file clay.h.

#define outlinetopinset   3

Definition at line 42 of file clay.h.

#define processlistfiletype   'PROC'

Definition at line 50 of file clay.h.

#define scriptfiletype   '2CLK'

Definition at line 51 of file clay.h.

#define styledtextfiletype   'WPTX'

Definition at line 53 of file clay.h.

#define textfiletype   'TEXT'

Definition at line 52 of file clay.h.

#define tmpbit2   appbit5

Definition at line 71 of file clay.h.

#define websitefiletype   'WBST'

Definition at line 59 of file clay.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tyclaydata ** hdlclaydata

typedef boolean(* tybuttonhitcallback)(short)

Definition at line 84 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tyclaycallback)(void)

Definition at line 134 of file clay.h.

typedef bigstring tyfoldername

Definition at line 32 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tygetmenucallback)(short)

Definition at line 78 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tyidlecallback)(short)

Definition at line 80 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tymenuhitcallback)(short, short)

Definition at line 140 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tymenuselectcallback)(short, short)

Definition at line 82 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tyoutlinecallback)(hdloutlinerecord)

Definition at line 136 of file clay.h.

typedef boolean(* tyshortstarcallback)(short *)

Definition at line 138 of file clay.h.

Function Documentation

boolean claybrowserkeystroke void   ) 

boolean clayfrontwindowcontainsoutline void   ) 

boolean claygetfrontoutline hdloutlinerecord  ) 

boolean claygetfrontwindow hdlwindowinfo  ) 

void clayidleanalysis boolean ,
boolean ,

void clayidleforall void   ) 

short claymsgclick short  ,

boolean claynewappwindow OSType   ) 

boolean clayopendoc FSSpec  ) 

void claypopwindowglobals void   ) 

boolean claypushpopupitem short  ,
bigstring  ,

boolean claywindowcontainsoutline hdlclaydata   ) 

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