appletfiledelete.c File Reference

#include "appletfiles.h"
#include "appletfilesinternal.h"
#include "appletfolder.h"
#include "appletfiledelete.h"

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boolean filedeletevisit (bigstring bsitem, tyfileinfo *info, long refcon)
boolean filedelete (ptrfilespec pfs)

Function Documentation

boolean filedelete ptrfilespec  pfs  ) 

Definition at line 27 of file appletfiledelete.c.

References error, filedeletevisit(), fileerror(), filegetinfo(), folderloop(), info, and noErr.

Referenced by copyonefile(), deletealiasescallback(), and filedeletevisit().

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boolean filedeletevisit bigstring  bsitem,
tyfileinfo info,
long  refcon

Definition at line 14 of file appletfiledelete.c.

References filedelete(), filemakespec(), and stringlength.

Referenced by filedelete(), and fileemptyfolder().

Here is the call graph for this function:

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