tyoutlinerecord Struct Reference

#include <op.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 212 of file op.h.

Data Fields

hdlheadrecord hsummit
hdlheadrecord hbarcursor
hdlheadrecord hline1
long lnumbarcursor
short line1linesabove
long ctexpanded
long ctmarked
short fontnum
short fontsize
short fontstyle
short lineindent
short defaultlineheight
tylinespacing linespacing
Rect outlinerect
Rect windowrect
tyscrollinfo vertscrollinfo
tyscrollinfo horizscrollinfo
unsigned long timecreated
unsigned long timelastsave
long ctsaves
RGBColor forecolor
RGBColor backcolor
tyhoistelement hoiststack [cthoists]
short tophoist
short editcolumn
Handle hbuffer
hdlheadrecord heditcursor
Point selpoint
tytextinfo textinfo
short caretoffset
hdlheadrecord hprintcursor
short pixelsaftericon
short iconheight
short iconwidth
opvoidcallback setscrollbarsroutine
opvoidcallback measurelinecallback
opnodecallback setcursorcallback
opmousebooleancallback mouseinlinecallback
opvoidcallback postfontchangecallback
opcopyrefconcallback copyrefconcallback
optextualizerefconcallback textualizerefconcallback
opnodecallback printrefconcallback
opvoidcallback beforeprintpagecallback
opvoidcallback afterprintpagecallback
opnodecallback searchrefconcallback
opnodecallback deletelinecallback
opnodecallback insertlinecallback
optextchangedcallback textchangedcallback
opnodecallback hasdynamicsubscallback
opnodecallback haslinkedtextcallback
opnodecallback cmdclickcallback
opvoidcallback doubleclickcallback
opgetscrapcallback getscrapcallback
opsetscrapcallback setscrapcallback
optexttooutlinecallback texttooutlinecallback
oppreexpandcallback preexpandcallback
opnodecallback postcollapsecallback
op2nodescallback comparnodescallback
opvalidatecallback validatedragcallback
opdragtargetcallback predragcallback
op2nodescallback dragcopycallback
opdrawcallback drawiconcallback
opgetrectcallback geticonrectcallback
opdrawcallback drawlinecallback
opgetrectcallback gettextrectcallback
opgetrectcallback getedittextrectcallback
opnodebooleancallback getwpedittextcallback
opnodecallback setwpedittextcallback
opdrawcallback predrawlinecallback
opdrawcallback postdrawlinecallback
opgetlineshortcallback getlineheightcallback
opgetlineshortcallback getlinewidthcallback
opmousecallback adjustcursorcallback
opnodecallback pushstylecallback
opnodecallback icon2clickcallback
opgetwindowhandlecallback getwindowhandlecallback
opsetwindowhandlecontextcallback setwindowhandlecontextcallback
opvalidatecallback validatepastecallback
opnodecallback postpastecallback
opstringcallback validatecopycallback
opnodecallback caneditcallback
opgefullrectcallback getfullrectcallback
opnodecallback nodechangedcallback
opnodebooleancallback releaserefconcallback
long ctpushes
boolean fldirty: 1
boolean fldirtyview: 1
boolean fllocked: 1
boolean fltextmode: 1
boolean flactive: 1
boolean flbarcursoron: 1
boolean flcursorneedsdisplay: 1
boolean flusebitmaps: 1
boolean flcheckvisi: 1
boolean flwindowopen: 1
boolean flreopenpending: 1
boolean flbuildundo: 1
boolean flprinting: 1
boolean flrecentlychanged: 1
boolean flinhibitdisplay: 1
boolean flreadonly: 1
boolean flvertscrolldisabled: 1
boolean flhorizscrolldisabled: 1
boolean flalwaysshowtextselection: 1
boolean blockvisiupdate: 1
boolean blocksupersmartvisi: 1
boolean flneedfulliconheight: 1
boolean fllimittextarrows: 1
boolean flstructuredtextkeys: 1
boolean fldonterasebackground: 1
boolean flinternalchange
boolean flfatheadlines: 1
boolean fldisposewhenpopped: 1
boolean flhtml
unsigned long timevisi
unsigned long maxlinelen
unsigned long outlinescraptype
unsigned long outlinesignature
long outlinetype
long outlinerefcon

Field Documentation

opmousecallback tyoutlinerecord::adjustcursorcallback

Definition at line 356 of file op.h.

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::afterprintpagecallback

Definition at line 296 of file op.h.

RGBColor tyoutlinerecord::backcolor

Definition at line 250 of file op.h.

Referenced by mesetcallbacks().

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::beforeprintpagecallback

Definition at line 294 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::blocksupersmartvisi

Definition at line 422 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::blockvisiupdate

Definition at line 420 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::caneditcallback

Definition at line 372 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::caretoffset

Definition at line 268 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::cmdclickcallback

Definition at line 310 of file op.h.

Referenced by scriptsetcallbacks().

op2nodescallback tyoutlinerecord::comparnodescallback

Definition at line 324 of file op.h.

opcopyrefconcallback tyoutlinerecord::copyrefconcallback

Definition at line 288 of file op.h.

Referenced by opsetscrap().

long tyoutlinerecord::ctexpanded

Definition at line 224 of file op.h.

Referenced by opcollapse().

long tyoutlinerecord::ctmarked

Definition at line 226 of file op.h.

long tyoutlinerecord::ctpushes

Definition at line 382 of file op.h.

Referenced by oppopglobals(), oppushoutline(), and opsetoutline().

long tyoutlinerecord::ctsaves

Definition at line 246 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::defaultlineheight

Definition at line 232 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::deletelinecallback

Definition at line 300 of file op.h.

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::doubleclickcallback

Definition at line 312 of file op.h.

op2nodescallback tyoutlinerecord::dragcopycallback

Definition at line 332 of file op.h.

opdrawcallback tyoutlinerecord::drawiconcallback

Definition at line 334 of file op.h.

opdrawcallback tyoutlinerecord::drawlinecallback

Definition at line 338 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::editcolumn

Definition at line 258 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flactive

Definition at line 392 of file op.h.

Referenced by opgetlineselected().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flalwaysshowtextselection

Definition at line 418 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flbarcursoron

Definition at line 394 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flbuildundo

Definition at line 406 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flcheckvisi

Definition at line 400 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flcursorneedsdisplay

Definition at line 396 of file op.h.

Referenced by opsettextmode().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fldirty

Definition at line 384 of file op.h.

Referenced by opfunctionvalue(), and opverbsetdirty().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fldirtyview

Definition at line 386 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fldisposewhenpopped

Definition at line 436 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fldonterasebackground

Definition at line 430 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flfatheadlines

Definition at line 434 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flhorizscrolldisabled

Definition at line 416 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flhtml

Definition at line 438 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flinhibitdisplay

Definition at line 412 of file op.h.

Referenced by opdisabledisplay(), openabledisplay(), and opsetdisplayverb().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flinternalchange

Definition at line 432 of file op.h.

Referenced by opinternalchange().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fllimittextarrows

Definition at line 426 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fllocked

Definition at line 388 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flneedfulliconheight

Definition at line 424 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flprinting

Definition at line 408 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flreadonly

Definition at line 414 of file op.h.

Referenced by langexternalgetreadonly(), and langexternalsetreadonly().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flrecentlychanged

Definition at line 410 of file op.h.

Referenced by oppoststylechange(), and scriptdirtyhook().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flreopenpending

Definition at line 404 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flstructuredtextkeys

Definition at line 428 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::fltextmode

Definition at line 390 of file op.h.

Referenced by scriptcmdclick().

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flusebitmaps

Definition at line 398 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flvertscrolldisabled

Definition at line 416 of file op.h.

boolean tyoutlinerecord::flwindowopen

Definition at line 402 of file op.h.

Referenced by opneedvisiscroll(), opwinloadfile(), opwinnewrecord(), and setupoutline().

short tyoutlinerecord::fontnum

Definition at line 228 of file op.h.

Referenced by opcopyformatting().

short tyoutlinerecord::fontsize

Definition at line 228 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::fontstyle

Definition at line 228 of file op.h.

RGBColor tyoutlinerecord::forecolor

Definition at line 248 of file op.h.

opgetrectcallback tyoutlinerecord::getedittextrectcallback

Definition at line 342 of file op.h.

opgefullrectcallback tyoutlinerecord::getfullrectcallback

Definition at line 374 of file op.h.

opgetrectcallback tyoutlinerecord::geticonrectcallback

Definition at line 336 of file op.h.

opgetlineshortcallback tyoutlinerecord::getlineheightcallback

Definition at line 352 of file op.h.

opgetlineshortcallback tyoutlinerecord::getlinewidthcallback

Definition at line 354 of file op.h.

opgetscrapcallback tyoutlinerecord::getscrapcallback

Definition at line 314 of file op.h.

opgetrectcallback tyoutlinerecord::gettextrectcallback

Definition at line 340 of file op.h.

opgetwindowhandlecallback tyoutlinerecord::getwindowhandlecallback

Definition at line 362 of file op.h.

opnodebooleancallback tyoutlinerecord::getwpedittextcallback

Definition at line 344 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::hasdynamicsubscallback

Definition at line 306 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::haslinkedtextcallback

Definition at line 308 of file op.h.

hdlheadrecord tyoutlinerecord::hbarcursor

Definition at line 216 of file op.h.

Referenced by opdeletesubvisit(), opdemote(), opinsertheadline(), opinsertstructure(), oploadeditbuffer(), opmotionkey(), opmousedown(), opmoveoutlinedown(), opmoveoutlineleft(), opmoveoutlineright(), oppaste(), and oppromote().

Handle tyoutlinerecord::hbuffer

Definition at line 260 of file op.h.

Referenced by opunloadeditbuffer().

hdlheadrecord tyoutlinerecord::heditcursor

Definition at line 262 of file op.h.

Referenced by opeditgetundoglobals(), opseteditbufferrect(), and opwriteeditbuffer().

hdlheadrecord tyoutlinerecord::hline1

Definition at line 218 of file op.h.

Referenced by opgetcurrentscreenlines(), opgetlastvisiblenode(), opgetlinestoscrolldownforvisi(), opgetlinestoscrollupforvisi(), opgetscreenline(), opnewscreenmap(), opsetline1(), opsumprevlineheights(), and opupdatehotspot().

tyhoistelement tyoutlinerecord::hoiststack[cthoists]

Definition at line 254 of file op.h.

tyscrollinfo tyoutlinerecord::horizscrollinfo

Definition at line 242 of file op.h.

hdlheadrecord tyoutlinerecord::hprintcursor

Definition at line 270 of file op.h.

hdlheadrecord tyoutlinerecord::hsummit

Definition at line 214 of file op.h.

Referenced by oppointlevel(), oprestorescrollposition(), and opundonewsummit().

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::icon2clickcallback

Definition at line 360 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::iconheight

Definition at line 274 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::iconwidth

Definition at line 274 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::insertlinecallback

Definition at line 302 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::line1linesabove

Definition at line 222 of file op.h.

Referenced by opgetline1top().

short tyoutlinerecord::lineindent

Definition at line 230 of file op.h.

Referenced by opgetmaxwidthvisit().

tylinespacing tyoutlinerecord::linespacing

Definition at line 234 of file op.h.

Referenced by opunpackversion2().

long tyoutlinerecord::lnumbarcursor

Definition at line 220 of file op.h.

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::maxlinelen

Definition at line 442 of file op.h.

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::measurelinecallback

Definition at line 278 of file op.h.

opmousebooleancallback tyoutlinerecord::mouseinlinecallback

Definition at line 282 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::nodechangedcallback

Definition at line 376 of file op.h.

Rect tyoutlinerecord::outlinerect

Definition at line 236 of file op.h.

Referenced by opgetlinerect(), opnewrecord(), and scriptsetdata().

long tyoutlinerecord::outlinerefcon

Definition at line 450 of file op.h.

Referenced by menewmenurecord(), mesetupmenurecord(), and validatetableoutline().

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::outlinescraptype

Definition at line 444 of file op.h.

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::outlinesignature

Definition at line 446 of file op.h.

Referenced by megetnodelangtext(), meloadscript(), opgetsourceverb(), opsettypeverb(), and opverbgetlangtext().

long tyoutlinerecord::outlinetype

Definition at line 448 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::pixelsaftericon

Definition at line 272 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::postcollapsecallback

Definition at line 322 of file op.h.

opdrawcallback tyoutlinerecord::postdrawlinecallback

Definition at line 350 of file op.h.

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::postfontchangecallback

Definition at line 284 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::postpastecallback

Definition at line 368 of file op.h.

opdragtargetcallback tyoutlinerecord::predragcallback

Definition at line 330 of file op.h.

opdrawcallback tyoutlinerecord::predrawlinecallback

Definition at line 348 of file op.h.

oppreexpandcallback tyoutlinerecord::preexpandcallback

Definition at line 320 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::printrefconcallback

Definition at line 292 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::pushstylecallback

Definition at line 358 of file op.h.

opnodebooleancallback tyoutlinerecord::releaserefconcallback

Definition at line 380 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::searchrefconcallback

Definition at line 298 of file op.h.

Point tyoutlinerecord::selpoint

Definition at line 264 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::setcursorcallback

Definition at line 280 of file op.h.

opsetscrapcallback tyoutlinerecord::setscrapcallback

Definition at line 316 of file op.h.

opvoidcallback tyoutlinerecord::setscrollbarsroutine

Definition at line 276 of file op.h.

Referenced by opinitcallbacks(), and opverbsetcallbacks().

opsetwindowhandlecontextcallback tyoutlinerecord::setwindowhandlecontextcallback

Definition at line 364 of file op.h.

opnodecallback tyoutlinerecord::setwpedittextcallback

Definition at line 346 of file op.h.

optextchangedcallback tyoutlinerecord::textchangedcallback

Definition at line 304 of file op.h.

tytextinfo tyoutlinerecord::textinfo

Definition at line 266 of file op.h.

optexttooutlinecallback tyoutlinerecord::texttooutlinecallback

Definition at line 318 of file op.h.

optextualizerefconcallback tyoutlinerecord::textualizerefconcallback

Definition at line 290 of file op.h.

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::timecreated

Definition at line 244 of file op.h.

Referenced by menuverbgettimes(), menuverbsettimes(), opverbgettimes(), and opverbsettimes().

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::timelastsave

Definition at line 244 of file op.h.

Referenced by tabledirty().

unsigned long tyoutlinerecord::timevisi

Definition at line 440 of file op.h.

short tyoutlinerecord::tophoist

Definition at line 256 of file op.h.

opstringcallback tyoutlinerecord::validatecopycallback

Definition at line 370 of file op.h.

opvalidatecallback tyoutlinerecord::validatedragcallback

Definition at line 328 of file op.h.

opvalidatecallback tyoutlinerecord::validatepastecallback

Definition at line 366 of file op.h.

tyscrollinfo tyoutlinerecord::vertscrollinfo

Definition at line 240 of file op.h.

Referenced by mesetscrollbarsroutine(), opdefaultsetscrollbars(), opscrollfordrag(), and opverbsetscrollbarsroutine().

Rect tyoutlinerecord::windowrect

Definition at line 238 of file op.h.

Referenced by unpackrecord().

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