tywindowinfo Struct Reference

#include <shell.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 188 of file shell.h.

Data Fields

short configresnum
tywindowinfo ** nextwindow
tywindowinfo ** prevwindow
tywindowinfo ** parentwindow
WindowPtr macwindow
typrocessid processid
Rect rzoomfrom
Rect zoomedrect
Rect contentrect
Rect oldcontentrect
Rect growiconrect
Rect buttonsrect
short lastbuttonhit
unsigned short buttonsenabled
unsigned short buttonsdisplayed
boolean flhidebuttons
boolean flsyntheticbuttons
Handle buttonscripttable
Handle buttonlist
RgnHandle drawrgn
Rect messagerect
hdlstring hmessagestring
hdlscrollbar vertscrollbar
hdlscrollbar horizscrollbar
tyscrollinfo vertscrollinfo
tyscrollinfo horizscrollinfo
short lastcurrent
short defaultfont
short defaultsize
short defaultstyle
tyfilespec fspec
hdlfilenum fnum
short rnum
tywindowposition wpos
tyselectioninfo selectioninfo
hdlstring hundostring
Handle hdata
Handle hundostack
Handle hredostack
hdlstring hwindowtitle
long ctpushes
boolean flwindowactive: 1
boolean flmadechanges: 1
boolean fldirtyscrollbars: 1
boolean flsaveas: 1
boolean flhidden: 1
boolean flmessagelocked: 1
boolean flmadeviewchanges: 1
boolean flneversaved: 1
boolean flopenedforfind: 1
boolean fldontownwindow: 1
boolean flbeingclosed: 1
boolean fldisposewhenpopped: 1

Field Documentation

Handle tywindowinfo::buttonlist

Definition at line 224 of file shell.h.

Handle tywindowinfo::buttonscripttable

Definition at line 222 of file shell.h.

unsigned short tywindowinfo::buttonsdisplayed

Definition at line 216 of file shell.h.

unsigned short tywindowinfo::buttonsenabled

Definition at line 214 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shellinvalbuttons().

Rect tywindowinfo::buttonsrect

Definition at line 210 of file shell.h.

short tywindowinfo::configresnum

Definition at line 190 of file shell.h.

Referenced by newchildwindow().

Rect tywindowinfo::contentrect

Definition at line 204 of file shell.h.

Referenced by windowgetcontentrect().

long tywindowinfo::ctpushes

Definition at line 258 of file shell.h.

short tywindowinfo::defaultfont

Definition at line 238 of file shell.h.

Referenced by aboutsetfont(), minisetfont(), newshellwindow(), and shelldefaultfontroutine().

short tywindowinfo::defaultsize

Definition at line 238 of file shell.h.

Referenced by aboutsetsize(), minisetsize(), and shelldefaultsizeroutine().

short tywindowinfo::defaultstyle

Definition at line 238 of file shell.h.

RgnHandle tywindowinfo::drawrgn

Definition at line 226 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flbeingclosed

Definition at line 280 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::fldirtyscrollbars

Definition at line 264 of file shell.h.

Referenced by tablesetscrollbarcallback().

boolean tywindowinfo::fldisposewhenpopped

Definition at line 282 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::fldontownwindow

Definition at line 278 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flhidden

Definition at line 268 of file shell.h.

Referenced by zoomfilewindow().

boolean tywindowinfo::flhidebuttons

Definition at line 218 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flmadechanges

Definition at line 262 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shelladjustmenus().

boolean tywindowinfo::flmadeviewchanges

Definition at line 272 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flmessagelocked

Definition at line 270 of file shell.h.

Referenced by lockwindowmessage().

boolean tywindowinfo::flneversaved

Definition at line 274 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flopenedforfind

Definition at line 276 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flsaveas

Definition at line 266 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flsyntheticbuttons

Definition at line 220 of file shell.h.

boolean tywindowinfo::flwindowactive

Definition at line 260 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shellactivatewindow().

hdlfilenum tywindowinfo::fnum

Definition at line 242 of file shell.h.

tyfilespec tywindowinfo::fspec

Definition at line 240 of file shell.h.

Rect tywindowinfo::growiconrect

Definition at line 208 of file shell.h.

Handle tywindowinfo::hdata

Definition at line 252 of file shell.h.

hdlstring tywindowinfo::hmessagestring

Definition at line 230 of file shell.h.

hdlscrollbar tywindowinfo::horizscrollbar

Definition at line 232 of file shell.h.

tyscrollinfo tywindowinfo::horizscrollinfo

Definition at line 234 of file shell.h.

Handle tywindowinfo::hredostack

Definition at line 254 of file shell.h.

Handle tywindowinfo::hundostack

Definition at line 254 of file shell.h.

hdlstring tywindowinfo::hundostring

Definition at line 250 of file shell.h.

hdlstring tywindowinfo::hwindowtitle

Definition at line 256 of file shell.h.

short tywindowinfo::lastbuttonhit

Definition at line 212 of file shell.h.

short tywindowinfo::lastcurrent

Definition at line 236 of file shell.h.

WindowPtr tywindowinfo::macwindow

Definition at line 196 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shellfindwindow().

Rect tywindowinfo::messagerect

Definition at line 228 of file shell.h.

struct tywindowinfo** tywindowinfo::nextwindow

Definition at line 192 of file shell.h.

Referenced by countwindowlist(), indexwindowlist(), insertwindowlist(), isshellwindow(), shellfirstchildwindow(), shellvisittypedwindows(), unlinkwindowlist(), and visitownedwindows().

Rect tywindowinfo::oldcontentrect

Definition at line 206 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shelladjustaftergrow().

struct tywindowinfo** tywindowinfo::parentwindow

Definition at line 194 of file shell.h.

Referenced by getrootwindow(), shellclosewindow(), shellpushparentglobals(), and shellsetwindowchanges().

struct tywindowinfo ** tywindowinfo::prevwindow

Definition at line 192 of file shell.h.

Referenced by insertwindowlist(), and unlinkwindowlist().

typrocessid tywindowinfo::processid

Definition at line 198 of file shell.h.

short tywindowinfo::rnum

Definition at line 244 of file shell.h.

Rect tywindowinfo::rzoomfrom

Definition at line 200 of file shell.h.

tyselectioninfo tywindowinfo::selectioninfo

Definition at line 248 of file shell.h.

Referenced by shellsetdefaultstyle(), and shellupdatemenus().

hdlscrollbar tywindowinfo::vertscrollbar

Definition at line 232 of file shell.h.

tyscrollinfo tywindowinfo::vertscrollinfo

Definition at line 234 of file shell.h.

tywindowposition tywindowinfo::wpos

Definition at line 246 of file shell.h.

Rect tywindowinfo::zoomedrect

Definition at line 202 of file shell.h.

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