odbValueData Union Reference

#include <FDllCall.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file FDllCall.h.

Data Fields

odbBool flvalue
unsigned char chvalue
short intvalue
long longvalue
unsigned long datevalue
odbDirection dirvalue
OSType ostypevalue
Handle stringvalue
Handle addressvalue
Handle binaryvalue
Handle externalvalue
Point pointvalue
Rect ** rectvalue
float singlevalue
double ** doublevalue
Handle objspecvalue
Handle aliasvalue
OSType enumvalue
Handle listvalue
Handle recordvalue
boolean flvalue
Rect ** rectvalue
Pattern ** patternvalue
RGBColor ** rgbvalue
Fixed fixedvalue
double ** doublevalue
FSSpec ** filespecvalue

Field Documentation

Handle odbValueData::addressvalue

Definition at line 183 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::aliasvalue

Definition at line 210 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::binaryvalue

Definition at line 185 of file FDllCall.h.

unsigned char odbValueData::chvalue

Definition at line 169 of file FDllCall.h.

unsigned long odbValueData::datevalue

Definition at line 175 of file FDllCall.h.

odbDirection odbValueData::dirvalue

Definition at line 177 of file FDllCall.h.

double** odbValueData::doublevalue

Definition at line 144 of file odbinternal.h.

double** odbValueData::doublevalue

Definition at line 206 of file FDllCall.h.

OSType odbValueData::enumvalue

Definition at line 212 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::externalvalue

Definition at line 187 of file FDllCall.h.

FSSpec** odbValueData::filespecvalue

Definition at line 148 of file odbinternal.h.

Fixed odbValueData::fixedvalue

Definition at line 140 of file odbinternal.h.

boolean odbValueData::flvalue

Definition at line 105 of file odbinternal.h.

odbBool odbValueData::flvalue

Definition at line 167 of file FDllCall.h.

short odbValueData::intvalue

Definition at line 171 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::listvalue

Definition at line 214 of file FDllCall.h.

Referenced by extCallScript(), and extCallScriptText().

long odbValueData::longvalue

Definition at line 173 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::objspecvalue

Definition at line 208 of file FDllCall.h.

OSType odbValueData::ostypevalue

Definition at line 179 of file FDllCall.h.

Pattern** odbValueData::patternvalue

Definition at line 136 of file odbinternal.h.

Point odbValueData::pointvalue

Definition at line 189 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::recordvalue

Definition at line 216 of file FDllCall.h.

Rect** odbValueData::rectvalue

Definition at line 134 of file odbinternal.h.

Rect** odbValueData::rectvalue

Definition at line 191 of file FDllCall.h.

RGBColor** odbValueData::rgbvalue

Definition at line 138 of file odbinternal.h.

float odbValueData::singlevalue

Definition at line 203 of file FDllCall.h.

Handle odbValueData::stringvalue

Definition at line 181 of file FDllCall.h.

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