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#define meprogramsinclude


boolean mescripterrorroutine (long, long, short, hdlhashtable *htable, bigstring)
boolean megetnodelangtext (hdlheadrecord, Handle *, long *)
boolean meshownode (hdlheadrecord)
boolean meuserselected (hdlheadrecord)

Define Documentation

#define meprogramsinclude

Definition at line 28 of file meprograms.h.

Function Documentation

boolean megetnodelangtext hdlheadrecord  ,
Handle ,

Definition at line 190 of file meprograms.c.

References fl, h, hnode, meloadscriptoutline(), menudata, mesetglobals(), nil, opdisposeoutline(), opgetlangtext(), and tyoutlinerecord::outlinesignature.

Referenced by langipcgetitemlangtext(), and meuserselected().

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boolean mescripterrorroutine long  ,
long  ,
short  ,
hdlhashtable htable,

Definition at line 119 of file meprograms.c.

References fl, getheadstring, h, findnodeinfo::hinfo, findnodeinfo::hnode, idmenueditorconfig, meexpandto(), mefindnodevisit(), melocatemenubarnode(), mesetglobals(), mezoommenubarwindow(), mezoomscriptwindow(), nil, opshowerror(), shellpopglobals(), shellpushglobals(), and shellvisittypedwindows().

Referenced by meuserselected(), and systemscripterrorroutine().

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boolean meshownode hdlheadrecord   ) 

Definition at line 230 of file meprograms.c.

References tykeystrokerecord::flshiftkey, hnode, keyboardstatus, meexpandto(), mezoommenubarwindow(), mezoomscriptwindow(), outlinedata, shellpopglobals(), shellpushglobals(), and shiftkeydown().

Referenced by handleshowmenunode(), langipcrunitem(), and memenu().

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boolean meuserselected hdlheadrecord   ) 

Definition at line 267 of file meprograms.c.

References addprocess(), fl, hcode, hnode, langdisposetree(), langerrorclear(), langpoperrorcallback(), langpusherrorcallback(), megetnodelangtext(), menudata, meprocesscallback(), mescripterrorroutine(), newprocess(), typrocessrecord::processkilledroutine, scriptbuildtree(), and shellforcemenuadjust().

Referenced by dockmenuruncommand(), langipcrunitem(), memenu(), menuverbrunscript(), and oppopupselect().

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