iacbinary.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include "iacinternal.h"
#include "aeutils.h"

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Boolean IACpushbinaryparam (Handle val, OSType binaryfieldtype, OSType keyword)
Boolean IACreturnbinary (Handle x, OSType binaryfieldtype)
Boolean IACgetbinaryparam (OSType keyword, Handle *hbinary, OSType *binaryfieldtype)
Boolean IACgetbinaryitem (AEDescList *list, long n, Handle *val, OSType *binaryfieldtype)
Boolean IACpushbinaryitem (AEDescList *list, Handle val, OSType binaryfieldtype, long n)

Function Documentation

Boolean IACgetbinaryitem AEDescList list,
long  n,
Handle val,
OSType binaryfieldtype

Definition at line 45 of file iacbinary.c.

References copydatahandle(), tyAEDesc::dataHandle, tyAEDesc::descriptorType, tyIACglobals::errorcode, IACglobals, key, noErr, NULL, typeAEList, and typeWildCard.

Referenced by IACgetbinaryparam().

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Boolean IACgetbinaryparam OSType  keyword,
Handle hbinary,
OSType binaryfieldtype

Definition at line 30 of file iacbinary.c.

References tyIACglobals::errorcode, tyIACglobals::event, IACgetbinaryitem(), IACglobals, IACparamerror(), and tyIACglobals::nextparamoptional.

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Boolean IACpushbinaryitem AEDescList list,
Handle  val,
OSType  binaryfieldtype,
long  n

Definition at line 91 of file iacbinary.c.

References tyAEDesc::dataHandle, tyAEDesc::descriptorType, tyIACglobals::dontdisposenextparam, tyIACglobals::errorcode, IACglobals, newdescwithhandle(), noErr, and typeAEList.

Referenced by IACpushbinaryparam(), IACpushtableitem(), IACpushtextitem(), IACpushtextitemcopy(), IACpushtextparam(), IACreturnbinary(), and IACreturntext().

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Boolean IACpushbinaryparam Handle  val,
OSType  binaryfieldtype,
OSType  keyword

Definition at line 18 of file iacbinary.c.

References tyIACglobals::event, IACglobals, and IACpushbinaryitem().

Referenced by frontStartCard(), IACpushtableparam(), and saveiacdata().

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Boolean IACreturnbinary Handle  x,
OSType  binaryfieldtype

Definition at line 24 of file iacbinary.c.

References IACglobals, IACpushbinaryitem(), keyDirectObject, and tyIACglobals::reply.

Referenced by getpictverb(), and IACreturntable().

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