iacnetwork.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include <appletdefs.h>
#include "iac.h"

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#define typeTargetID   'targ'


static pascal Boolean string2networkaddress (ConstStr255Param bsadr, TargetID *target)
Boolean IACnewnetworkverb (ConstStr255Param bsadr, OSType vclass, OSType vtoken, AppleEvent *event)

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#define typeTargetID   'targ'

Definition at line 13 of file iacnetwork.c.

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Boolean IACnewnetworkverb ConstStr255Param  bsadr,
OSType  vclass,
OSType  vtoken,
AppleEvent event

Definition at line 230 of file iacnetwork.c.

References tyIACglobals::errorcode, IACglobals, noErr, string2networkaddress(), target, and typeTargetID.

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static pascal Boolean string2networkaddress ConstStr255Param  bsadr,
TargetID target

Definition at line 214 of file iacnetwork.c.

References tyIACglobals::errorcode, and IACglobals.

Referenced by IACnewnetworkverb().

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