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Data Structures

struct  tyconfigrecord


#define configinclude
#define idmenueditorconfig   128
#define idiowaconfig   129
#define idoutlineconfig   130
#define idscriptconfig   131
#define idtableconfig   132
#define xxxidtextconfig   133
#define idwpconfig   134
#define xxxidmailconfig   135
#define xxxidprogressconfig   136
#define idaboutconfig   137
#define idcommandconfig   138
#define idlangerrorconfig   139
#define idstatsconfig   140
#define idpictconfig   141
#define idcancoonconfig   142
#define idlangdialogconfig   143
#define typeunknown   '\?\?\?\?'


typedef tyconfigrecordptrconfigrecord
typedef tyconfigrecord ** hdlconfigrecord


void loadconfigresource (short, tyconfigrecord *)
boolean saveconfigresource (short, tyconfigrecord *)
boolean getprogramname (bigstring)
boolean getuntitledfilename (bigstring)
boolean getdefaultfilename (bigstring)
boolean getusername (bigstring)
void initconfig (void)


tyconfigrecord config
short iddefaultconfig

Define Documentation

#define configinclude

Definition at line 28 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idaboutconfig   137

Definition at line 49 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idcancoonconfig   142

Definition at line 62 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idcommandconfig   138

Definition at line 56 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idiowaconfig   129

Definition at line 41 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idlangdialogconfig   143

Definition at line 63 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idlangerrorconfig   139

Definition at line 57 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idmenueditorconfig   128

Definition at line 40 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idoutlineconfig   130

Definition at line 42 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idpictconfig   141

Definition at line 61 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idscriptconfig   131

Definition at line 43 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idstatsconfig   140

Definition at line 60 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idtableconfig   132

Definition at line 44 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define idwpconfig   134

Definition at line 46 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define typeunknown   '\?\?\?\?'

Definition at line 70 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define xxxidmailconfig   135

Definition at line 47 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define xxxidprogressconfig   136

Definition at line 48 of file frontierconfig.h.

#define xxxidtextconfig   133

Definition at line 45 of file frontierconfig.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tyconfigrecord ** hdlconfigrecord

typedef struct tyconfigrecord * ptrconfigrecord

Function Documentation

boolean getdefaultfilename bigstring   ) 

Definition at line 174 of file config.c.

References defaultfilename, defaultlistnumber, and getstringlist().

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boolean getprogramname bigstring   ) 

Definition at line 146 of file config.c.

References defaultlistnumber, getstringlist(), and programname.

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boolean getuntitledfilename bigstring   ) 

Definition at line 152 of file config.c.

References defaultlistnumber, getstringlist(), pushchar(), pushlong(), and untitledfilename.

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boolean getusername bigstring   ) 

void initconfig void   ) 

Definition at line 186 of file config.c.

References config, and initconfigrecord().

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void loadconfigresource short  ,

Definition at line 94 of file config.c.

References bigstring, centerrectondesktop(), fontgetnumber(), fontnamelistnumber, getresourcehandle(), getstringlist(), h, initconfigrecord(), moveleft(), nil, releaseresourcehandle(), reztomemlong, reztomemrect, and reztomemshort.

Here is the call graph for this function:

boolean saveconfigresource short  ,

Variable Documentation

tyconfigrecord config

Definition at line 56 of file config.c.

short iddefaultconfig

Definition at line 58 of file config.c.

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