appletfoldermenu.c File Reference

#include "appletdefs.h"
#include "appletstrings.h"
#include "appletmenuops.h"
#include "appletfolder.h"
#include "appletfoldermenu.h"

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static boolean foldermenucallback (bigstring fname, tyfileinfo *info, long refcon)
boolean getfoldermenu (ptrfilespec pfolderspec, MenuHandle *hmenu)

Function Documentation

static boolean foldermenucallback bigstring  fname,
tyfileinfo info,
long  refcon

Definition at line 15 of file appletfoldermenu.c.

References pushmenuitem().

Referenced by getfoldermenu().

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boolean getfoldermenu ptrfilespec  pfolderspec,
MenuHandle hmenu

Definition at line 23 of file appletfoldermenu.c.

References folderloop(), and foldermenucallback().

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