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Data Structures

struct  tystack
struct  tyundorecord
struct  tyactionrecord
struct  tyundostack


#define shellundoinclude


typedef tystackptrstack
typedef tystack ** hdlstack
typedef boolean(* undocallback )(Handle, boolean)
typedef tyundostackptrundostack
typedef tyundostack ** hdlundostack


boolean pushundostep (undocallback, Handle)
boolean pushundoaction (short)
boolean popundoaction (void)
boolean undolastaction (boolean)
boolean redolastaction (boolean)
boolean getundoaction (short *)
boolean getredoaction (short *)
void killundo (void)
boolean newundostack (hdlundostack *)
boolean disposeundostack (hdlundostack)
void initundo (void)


hdlundostack shellundostack
hdlundostack shellredostack

Define Documentation

#define shellundoinclude

Definition at line 28 of file shellundo.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct tystack ** hdlstack

typedef struct tyundostack ** hdlundostack

typedef struct tystack * ptrstack

typedef struct tyundostack * ptrundostack

typedef boolean(* undocallback)(Handle, boolean)

Definition at line 53 of file shellundo.h.

Function Documentation

boolean disposeundostack hdlundostack   ) 

Definition at line 459 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by disposeappwindow(), disposeshellwindowinfo(), and newappwindow().

boolean getredoaction short  ) 

Definition at line 424 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by getundomenuitem(), shelldefaultsetundostatus(), shelldefaultundo(), and undocommand().

boolean getundoaction short  ) 

Definition at line 416 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by getundomenuitem(), and shelldefaultsetundostatus().

void initundo void   ) 

Definition at line 474 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by shellinit().

void killundo void   ) 

Definition at line 432 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by browserclose(), browserpostcollapse(), detachscript(), disposerecord(), killownedundo(), killundovisit(), menuverbclose(), meunloadscript(), miniclose(), opinternaldeletenodewithupdate(), opverbclose(), pictclose(), postcollapse(), tablegetwpedittext(), tableverbclose(), and wpclose().

boolean newundostack hdlundostack  ) 

Definition at line 448 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by newappwindow(), and newshellwindowinfo().

boolean popundoaction void   ) 

Definition at line 306 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by opdelete(), opdeletenode(), opinsertheadline(), and oppaste().

boolean pushundoaction short   ) 

Definition at line 262 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by addmenucommandverb(), deletemenucommandverb(), opclear(), opcut(), opdeleteline(), opdeletesubs(), opdemote(), opinsertheadline(), opinsertstructure(), opmovetohotspot(), oppaste(), oppromote(), opreorgcursor(), opsortlevel(), pictclear(), pictcut(), pictpaste(), setfont(), setfontsize(), tableclearroutine(), tablecutroutine(), tablemakenewvalue(), tablepastevalue(), wpclear(), wpcleartabs(), wpcut(), wpinserttext(), wpinserttexthandle(), wpkeystroke(), wppaste(), wpsetfont(), wpsetjustify(), wpsetleading(), wpsetsize(), wpsetstyle(), wpsettab(), wpsettexthandle(), and wpsetverbindent().

boolean pushundostep undocallback  ,

Definition at line 170 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by oppushundo(), opsetfont(), opsetsize(), pictundosetpict(), tableclearroutine(), tablemakenewvalue(), tablepastevalue(), tableredoclear(), tableundoclear(), and wppushundostep().

boolean redolastaction boolean   ) 

Definition at line 404 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by shelldefaultundo(), and undocommand().

boolean undolastaction boolean   ) 

Definition at line 349 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by redolastaction(), shelldefaultundo(), tablemakenewvalue(), and undocommand().

Variable Documentation

hdlundostack shellredostack

Definition at line 45 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by shellsetglobals(), and swapundostacks().

hdlundostack shellundostack

Definition at line 43 of file shellundo.c.

Referenced by killactions(), popundoaction(), popundostep(), pushaction(), pushstep(), pushundoaction(), shellsetglobals(), swapundostacks(), and undolastaction().

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