tyfileinfo Struct Reference

#include <file.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 117 of file file.h.

Data Fields

OSErr errcode
short vnum
long dirid
boolean flfolder
boolean fllocked
boolean flbundle
boolean flbusy
boolean flalias
boolean flinvisible
boolean flvolume
boolean flejectable
boolean flstationery
boolean flshared
boolean flnamelocked
boolean flcustomicon
boolean flhardwarelock
boolean flremotevolume
boolean flsystem
boolean flarchive
boolean flcompressed
boolean fltemp
OSType filecreator
OSType filetype
long timecreated
long timemodified
long timeaccessed
long sizedataforkhigh
long sizedatafork
long sizeresourcefork
short ixlabel
Point iconposition
unsigned short ctfiles
unsigned short ctfolders
tyfolderview folderview
unsigned long ctfreebytes
unsigned long cttotalbytes
unsigned long blocksize

Field Documentation

unsigned long tyfileinfo::blocksize

Definition at line 181 of file file.h.

Referenced by getvolumeblocksize().

unsigned short tyfileinfo::ctfiles

Definition at line 171 of file file.h.

Referenced by filesonvolume().

unsigned short tyfileinfo::ctfolders

Definition at line 173 of file file.h.

Referenced by foldersonvolume().

unsigned long tyfileinfo::ctfreebytes

Definition at line 177 of file file.h.

Referenced by getfreespace().

unsigned long tyfileinfo::cttotalbytes

Definition at line 179 of file file.h.

Referenced by getvolumesize().

long tyfileinfo::dirid

Definition at line 123 of file file.h.

Referenced by getspecialfolderpath().

OSErr tyfileinfo::errcode

Definition at line 119 of file file.h.

OSType tyfileinfo::filecreator

Definition at line 161 of file file.h.

OSType tyfileinfo::filetype

Definition at line 161 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flalias

Definition at line 133 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flarchive

Definition at line 155 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flbundle

Definition at line 129 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flbusy

Definition at line 131 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flcompressed

Definition at line 157 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flcustomicon

Definition at line 147 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flejectable

Definition at line 139 of file file.h.

Referenced by isejectable().

boolean tyfileinfo::flfolder

Definition at line 125 of file file.h.

Referenced by filefrompathverb(), and filespectopath().

boolean tyfileinfo::flhardwarelock

Definition at line 149 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flinvisible

Definition at line 135 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::fllocked

Definition at line 127 of file file.h.

Referenced by isvolumelocked().

boolean tyfileinfo::flnamelocked

Definition at line 145 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flremotevolume

Definition at line 151 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flshared

Definition at line 143 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flstationery

Definition at line 141 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flsystem

Definition at line 153 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::fltemp

Definition at line 159 of file file.h.

boolean tyfileinfo::flvolume

Definition at line 137 of file file.h.

tyfolderview tyfileinfo::folderview

Definition at line 175 of file file.h.

Point tyfileinfo::iconposition

Definition at line 169 of file file.h.

short tyfileinfo::ixlabel

Definition at line 167 of file file.h.

long tyfileinfo::sizedatafork

Definition at line 165 of file file.h.

long tyfileinfo::sizedataforkhigh

Definition at line 165 of file file.h.

long tyfileinfo::sizeresourcefork

Definition at line 165 of file file.h.

long tyfileinfo::timeaccessed

Definition at line 163 of file file.h.

long tyfileinfo::timecreated

Definition at line 163 of file file.h.

Referenced by volumecreated().

long tyfileinfo::timemodified

Definition at line 163 of file file.h.

short tyfileinfo::vnum

Definition at line 121 of file file.h.

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