appletwires.h File Reference

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#define appletwiresinclude


boolean initappletwires (void)
pascal short appwaitroutine (EventRecord *)
boolean settargetglobals (void)
boolean appruncard (Handle)


bigstring bstargetwindowname

Define Documentation

#define appletwiresinclude

Definition at line 7 of file appletwires.h.

Function Documentation

boolean appruncard Handle   ) 

Definition at line 903 of file appletwires.c.

References appscriptedmodalcardfilter(), cardIsModal(), modelessfilter(), and runCard().

Referenced by openfilespec().

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pascal short appwaitroutine EventRecord  ) 

Definition at line 1310 of file appletwires.c.

References appleteventdispatcher().

Referenced by appleteventdispatcher(), and initappletwires().

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boolean initappletwires void   ) 

Definition at line 1329 of file appletwires.c.

References alertdialog(), app, app1class, appwaitroutine(), bstargetwindowname, casereverser(), tyappletrecord::creator, error, handleapp1verb(), handlecustomverb(), handlefastverb(), handleopen(), handleopenapp(), handleprint(), handlequit(), IACglobals, IACinstallhandler(), IACinstallsystemhandler(), kAEOpenApplication, kAEOpenDocuments, kAEPrintDocuments, kAEQuitApplication, kCoreEventClass, setstringlength, typeWildCard, and tyIACglobals::waitroutine.

Referenced by appletinitmanagers().

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boolean settargetglobals void   ) 

Definition at line 117 of file appletwires.c.

References bstargetwindowname, error, IACreturnerror(), setapptarget(), setfrontglobals(), setstringlength, and stringlength.

Referenced by closewindowverb(), getbinaryverb(), getfilepathverb(), getpictverb(), gettargetverb(), gettextverb(), getwindowposverb(), haveselectionverb(), madechangesverb(), movewindowverb(), printwindowverb(), putbinaryverb(), putpictverb(), puttextverb(), revertverb(), saveasverb(), scrollwindowverb(), selectallverb(), setfontsizeverb(), setfontverb(), setwindowtitleverb(), windowmessageverb(), and zoomwindowverb().

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Variable Documentation

bigstring bstargetwindowname

Definition at line 77 of file appletwires.c.

Referenced by closewindowverb(), initappletwires(), newwindowverb(), saveaswindow(), selectwindowverb(), settargetglobals(), settargetverb(), and setwindowtitleverb().

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