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Data Structures

struct  tyexpandinfo


#define claybrowserexpandinclude


void browserfindinsertionpoint (hdlheadrecord, bigstring, tybrowserinfo *, hdlheadrecord *, tydirection *)
boolean browserexpandvisit (bigstring, tybrowserinfo *, long)
boolean browserpreexpand (hdlheadrecord, short, boolean)
boolean browsercanexpand (hdlheadrecord)
boolean browserpostcollapse (hdlheadrecord)

Define Documentation

#define claybrowserexpandinclude

Definition at line 28 of file claybrowserexpand.h.

Function Documentation

boolean browsercanexpand hdlheadrecord   ) 

Definition at line 618 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browsergetrefcon(), hnode, and info.

Referenced by setuptableoutlinecallbacks().

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boolean browserexpandvisit bigstring  ,
tybrowserinfo ,

Definition at line 311 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browsercalcinsertionpoint(), browsercopyfileinfo(), browserexpand(), browserfindinsertionpoint(), info, keyboardescape(), opaddheadline(), opendinternalchange(), opstartinternalchange(), rollbeachball(), and testheapspace().

Referenced by browserexpand(), browserfileadded(), and initializetableoutline().

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void browserfindinsertionpoint hdlheadrecord  ,
bigstring  ,
tybrowserinfo ,
hdlheadrecord ,

Definition at line 89 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References alllower(), bigstring, browsergetrefcon(), comparestrings(), copystring(), down, tybrowserinfo::filesize, gethashkey, hashtablelookupnode(), hnode, long, longinfinity, moveleft(), nil, opchasedown(), opchaseright(), opfindhead(), opgetheadstring(), oprepeatedbump(), right, setstringlength, tyhashnode::sortedlink, tybrowserinfo::timemodified, up, viewbycolor, viewbycomment, viewbydate, viewbyicon, viewbykind, viewbyname, viewbysize, viewbysmallicon, and viewbyversion.

Referenced by browserexpandvisit(), browserinsertagain(), and browsersortfolder().

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boolean browserpostcollapse hdlheadrecord   ) 

Definition at line 628 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browserdeletedummyvalues(), hnode, killundo(), opdeletesubs(), opdisabledisplay(), openabledisplay(), opendinternalchange(), opstartinternalchange(), and outlinedata.

Referenced by setuptableoutlinecallbacks().

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boolean browserpreexpand hdlheadrecord  ,
short  ,

Definition at line 441 of file claybrowserexpand.c.

References browserexpand(), browserlineinserted(), compoundexpand, emptystring, expandcancelledvisit(), fl, hnode, initbeachball(), nil, opaddheadline(), opcleartmpbits(), opendinternalchange(), opsetctexpanded(), opsiblingvisiter(), opstartinternalchange(), opvalidate(), outlinedata, and right.

Referenced by setuptableoutlinecallbacks().

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