tyhashnode Struct Reference

#include <lang.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 411 of file lang.h.

Data Fields

tyhashnode ** hashlink
tyhashnode ** sortedlink
tyvaluerecord val
byte fldontsave: 1
byte fllocked: 1
byte flprotected: 1
byte flunresolvedaddress: 1
byte fldisposewhenunlocked: 1
byte flunused: 3
byte ctlocks: 8
byte hashkey []

Field Documentation

byte tyhashnode::ctlocks

Definition at line 439 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::fldisposewhenunlocked

Definition at line 435 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::fldontsave

Definition at line 427 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::fllocked

Definition at line 429 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::flprotected

Definition at line 431 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::flunresolvedaddress

Definition at line 433 of file lang.h.

Referenced by hashresolvevalue().

byte tyhashnode::flunused

Definition at line 437 of file lang.h.

byte tyhashnode::hashkey[]

Definition at line 441 of file lang.h.

struct tyhashnode** tyhashnode::hashlink

Definition at line 413 of file lang.h.

Referenced by hashlinknode(), hashlocate(), hashtablevisit(), hashunlinknode(), and smashhashtable().

struct tyhashnode** tyhashnode::sortedlink

Definition at line 415 of file lang.h.

Referenced by additemtopagetable(), browserfindinsertionpoint(), buildpagetableverb(), cleanindextable(), decompilespecialtable(), decompilevisit(), deindexpage(), fullpathsearch(), hashcountitems(), hashgetnthnode(), hashgetsortedindex(), hashquicksort(), hashsorteddelete(), hashsortedinsert(), hashsortedsearch(), hashunpacktable(), indexfunc(), istableintable(), langsearchpathvisit(), nextserialnum(), opbuttonsattach(), opxmldecodeattstablevalues(), opxmlfindtableitem(), opxmlgetonevalue(), opxmlheadexists(), opxmltooutlinevisit(), stringmultiplereplace(), unionmatchesverb(), xmlgetaddress(), and xmlgetaddresslist().

tyvaluerecord tyhashnode::val

Definition at line 425 of file lang.h.

Referenced by tablecomparevalues().

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