pg_hooks Struct Reference

#include <PAIGE.H>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1514 of file PAIGE.H.

Data Fields

line_init_proc line_init
line_measure_proc line_proc
line_adjust_proc adjust_proc
line_validate_proc validate_line
line_parse_proc parse_line
hyphenate_proc hyphenate
hilite_rgn_proc hilite_rgn
draw_hilite_proc hilite_draw
text_load_proc load_proc
text_break_proc break_proc
draw_cursor_proc cursor_proc
do_idle_proc idle_proc
pt2_offset_proc offset_proc
font_init_proc font_proc
special_char_proc special_proc
auto_scroll_proc auto_scroll
scroll_adjust_proc adjust_scroll
draw_scroll_proc draw_scroll
draw_page_proc page_proc
bitmap_modify_proc bitmap_proc
wait_process_proc wait_proc
enhance_undo_proc undo_enhance
par_boundary_proc boundary_proc
change_container_proc container_proc
smart_quotes_proc smart_quotes
post_paginate_proc paginate_proc
increment_text_proc text_increment
click_examine_proc click_proc
set_device_proc set_device
page_modify_proc page_modify
wordbreak_info_proc wordbreak_proc
charclass_info_proc charclass_proc
key_insert_query insert_query

Field Documentation

line_adjust_proc pg_hooks::adjust_proc

Definition at line 1517 of file PAIGE.H.

scroll_adjust_proc pg_hooks::adjust_scroll

Definition at line 1531 of file PAIGE.H.

auto_scroll_proc pg_hooks::auto_scroll

Definition at line 1530 of file PAIGE.H.

bitmap_modify_proc pg_hooks::bitmap_proc

Definition at line 1534 of file PAIGE.H.

par_boundary_proc pg_hooks::boundary_proc

Definition at line 1537 of file PAIGE.H.

text_break_proc pg_hooks::break_proc

Definition at line 1524 of file PAIGE.H.

charclass_info_proc pg_hooks::charclass_proc

Definition at line 1546 of file PAIGE.H.

click_examine_proc pg_hooks::click_proc

Definition at line 1542 of file PAIGE.H.

change_container_proc pg_hooks::container_proc

Definition at line 1538 of file PAIGE.H.

draw_cursor_proc pg_hooks::cursor_proc

Definition at line 1525 of file PAIGE.H.

draw_scroll_proc pg_hooks::draw_scroll

Definition at line 1532 of file PAIGE.H.

font_init_proc pg_hooks::font_proc

Definition at line 1528 of file PAIGE.H.

draw_hilite_proc pg_hooks::hilite_draw

Definition at line 1522 of file PAIGE.H.

hilite_rgn_proc pg_hooks::hilite_rgn

Definition at line 1521 of file PAIGE.H.

hyphenate_proc pg_hooks::hyphenate

Definition at line 1520 of file PAIGE.H.

do_idle_proc pg_hooks::idle_proc

Definition at line 1526 of file PAIGE.H.

key_insert_query pg_hooks::insert_query

Definition at line 1547 of file PAIGE.H.

line_init_proc pg_hooks::line_init

Definition at line 1515 of file PAIGE.H.

line_measure_proc pg_hooks::line_proc

Definition at line 1516 of file PAIGE.H.

text_load_proc pg_hooks::load_proc

Definition at line 1523 of file PAIGE.H.

pt2_offset_proc pg_hooks::offset_proc

Definition at line 1527 of file PAIGE.H.

page_modify_proc pg_hooks::page_modify

Definition at line 1544 of file PAIGE.H.

draw_page_proc pg_hooks::page_proc

Definition at line 1533 of file PAIGE.H.

post_paginate_proc pg_hooks::paginate_proc

Definition at line 1540 of file PAIGE.H.

line_parse_proc pg_hooks::parse_line

Definition at line 1519 of file PAIGE.H.

set_device_proc pg_hooks::set_device

Definition at line 1543 of file PAIGE.H.

smart_quotes_proc pg_hooks::smart_quotes

Definition at line 1539 of file PAIGE.H.

special_char_proc pg_hooks::special_proc

Definition at line 1529 of file PAIGE.H.

increment_text_proc pg_hooks::text_increment

Definition at line 1541 of file PAIGE.H.

enhance_undo_proc pg_hooks::undo_enhance

Definition at line 1536 of file PAIGE.H.

line_validate_proc pg_hooks::validate_line

Definition at line 1518 of file PAIGE.H.

wait_process_proc pg_hooks::wait_proc

Definition at line 1535 of file PAIGE.H.

wordbreak_info_proc pg_hooks::wordbreak_proc

Definition at line 1545 of file PAIGE.H.

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