opvalidate.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include "strings.h"
#include "shell.h"
#include "op.h"
#include "opinternal.h"

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#define invalid(h)   {getheadstring (h,bs);shellinternalerror(idinvalidoutline, bs);return(false);}


static boolean opvalidtree (hdlheadrecord hnode, long *ptrexpansioncount)
boolean opvalidate (hdloutlinerecord houtline)

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#define invalid h   )     {getheadstring (h,bs);shellinternalerror(idinvalidoutline, bs);return(false);}

Definition at line 38 of file opvalidate.c.

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boolean opvalidate hdloutlinerecord  houtline  ) 

Definition at line 83 of file opvalidate.c.

References BIGSTRING, bigstring, fl, h, tyheadrecord::headlinkdown, idinvalidoutline, invalid, nil, opchasedown(), oppopoutline(), oppushoutline(), opvalidtree(), and shellinternalerror.

Referenced by browserpreexpand(), browsersortfolder(), initializetableoutline(), meloadoutline(), mepackmenustructure(), mesavemenurecord(), mesavemenustructure(), and opresize().

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static boolean opvalidtree hdlheadrecord  hnode,
long ptrexpansioncount

Definition at line 41 of file opvalidate.c.

References bigstring, h, tyheadrecord::headlinkdown, hnode, invalid, and opgetnodelinecount().

Referenced by opvalidate().

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