PGTRAPS.H File Reference

#include "CPUDEFS.H"
#include "PAIGE.H"
#include <Quickdraw.h>
#include <Memory.h>
#include <Events.h>
#include <Fonts.h>
#include <OSUtils.h>
#include <ToolUtils.h>
#include <Resources.h>
#include <Files.h>
#include <MacErrors.h>
#include <Gestalt.h>
#include <Script.h>

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Data Structures

struct  port_preserve


#define RIGHT_FONT_FLAG   0x8000
#define NON_ROMAN_FLAG   0x4000
#define MULTIBYTE_FLAG   0x2000
#define SYSTEM_7_VAL   0x0700
#define DEF_GLOBAL_RESTYPE   'pgdf'
#define DEF_GLOBAL_ID   128
#define MAC_STYLE_MASK   0x007F
#define DEF_POINT_SIZE   (long) 0x000C
#define DEF_CHAR_WIDTH   (long) 0x0000
#define DOTTED_PAT   0x8888
#define HIDDEN_TEXT_PAT   0x55AA
#define MAX_RGN   32700
#define MAX_SCROLLABLE_RGN   8192
#define CR_CHAR   0x0D
#define SOFT_CR_CHAR   0x0A
#define TEXT_BRK_CHAR   0x1B
#define TAB_CHAR   0x09
#define SOFT_HYPHEN   0x1F
#define FF_CHAR   0x0C
#define DELETE_CHAR   0x08
#define LEFT_ARROW   0x1C
#define RIGHT_ARROW   0x1D
#define UP_ARROW   0x1E
#define DOWN_ARROW   0x1F
#define FWD_DELETE_CHAR   0x7F
#define DECIMAL_CHAR   0x2E
#define HYPHEN_CHAR   0x2D
#define INVIS_TAB   0x13
#define INVIS_SPACE   0x2E
#define INVIS_BREAK   0xAD
#define INVIS_PBREAK   0xAD
#define APOSTROPHE   0x27
#define FLAT_QUOTE_CHAR   0x22
#define LEFT_SINGLE_QUOTE   0xD4
#define LEFT_DOUBLE_QUOTE   0xD2
#define INVIS_CR   0xA6
#define INVIS_LF   0xB9
#define INVIS_END   0xB0
#define INVIS_UNKNOWN   0xC9
#define ELIPSE_SYMBOL   0xC9
#define BULLET_CHAR   0xA5
#define MAX_OFFSCREEN   48000
#define MAX_TEXTBLOCK   4096
#define DEF_TAB_SPACE   24
#define DEF_MIN_WIDTH   16
#define ORIGINAL_CLIP   0
#define DRAW_SYMBOL(the_str)   DrawString((StringPtr) the_str)
#define MEASURE_SYMBOL(the_str)   StringWidth((StringPtr) the_str)
#define PG_FAIL_MEM_ERROR()   pgFailMemError( __pg_globals_p)


typedef port_preserve port_preserve
typedef port_preserve PG_FAR * port_preserve_ptr


 PG_PASCAL (void) PictOutlineToShape(PicHandle pict
 PG_PASCAL (memory_ref) HandleToMemory(pgm_globals *mem_globals
 PG_PASCAL (Handle) MemoryToHandle(memory_ref ref)


shape_ref target_shape
shape_ref short accuracy
shape_ref target_shape
shape_ref short accuracy
Handle h
Handle pg_short_t rec_size
rectangle_ptr pg_rect
co_ordinate_ptr offset
co_ordinate_ptr Rect PG_FAR * r
long offset_h
long long offset_v
long long pg_scale_factor
long long pg_scale_factor
PG_FAR short 
long long pg_scale_factor
PG_FAR short rectangle_ptr 
long long pg_scale_factor
PG_FAR short rectangle_ptr
Rect PG_FAR * r

Define Documentation

#define APOSTROPHE   0x27

Definition at line 96 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define BULLET_CHAR   0xA5

Definition at line 108 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 83 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define CR_CHAR   0x0D

Definition at line 77 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DECIMAL_CHAR   0x2E

Definition at line 90 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_CHAR_WIDTH   (long) 0x0000

Definition at line 63 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_GLOBAL_ID   128

Definition at line 58 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_GLOBAL_RESTYPE   'pgdf'

Definition at line 57 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_MIN_WIDTH   16

Definition at line 114 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_POINT_SIZE   (long) 0x000C

Definition at line 62 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DEF_TAB_SPACE   24

Definition at line 113 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DELETE_CHAR   0x08

Definition at line 84 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DOTTED_PAT   0x8888

Definition at line 67 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DOWN_ARROW   0x1F

Definition at line 88 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define DRAW_SYMBOL the_str   )     DrawString((StringPtr) the_str)

Definition at line 149 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define ELIPSE_SYMBOL   0xC9

Definition at line 106 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define FF_CHAR   0x0C

Definition at line 82 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define FLAT_QUOTE_CHAR   0x22

Definition at line 97 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define FWD_DELETE_CHAR   0x7F

Definition at line 89 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define HIDDEN_TEXT_PAT   0x55AA

Definition at line 68 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define HYPHEN_CHAR   0x2D

Definition at line 91 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_BREAK   0xAD

Definition at line 94 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_CR   0xA6

Definition at line 102 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_END   0xB0

Definition at line 104 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_LF   0xB9

Definition at line 103 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_PBREAK   0xAD

Definition at line 95 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_SPACE   0x2E

Definition at line 93 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_TAB   0x13

Definition at line 92 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define INVIS_UNKNOWN   0xC9

Definition at line 105 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define LEFT_ARROW   0x1C

Definition at line 85 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define LEFT_DOUBLE_QUOTE   0xD2

Definition at line 100 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define LEFT_SINGLE_QUOTE   0xD4

Definition at line 98 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MAC_STYLE_MASK   0x007F

Definition at line 60 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MAX_OFFSCREEN   48000

Definition at line 110 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MAX_RGN   32700

Definition at line 71 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MAX_SCROLLABLE_RGN   8192

Definition at line 72 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MAX_TEXTBLOCK   4096

Definition at line 112 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MEASURE_SYMBOL the_str   )     StringWidth((StringPtr) the_str)

Definition at line 150 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define MULTIBYTE_FLAG   0x2000

Definition at line 18 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define NON_ROMAN_FLAG   0x4000

Definition at line 17 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define ORIGINAL_CLIP   0

Definition at line 141 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define PG_FAIL_MEM_ERROR  )     pgFailMemError( __pg_globals_p)

Definition at line 179 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define RIGHT_ARROW   0x1D

Definition at line 86 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 101 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define RIGHT_FONT_FLAG   0x8000

Definition at line 16 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 99 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 19 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define SOFT_CR_CHAR   0x0A

Definition at line 78 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define SOFT_HYPHEN   0x1F

Definition at line 81 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 69 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define SYSTEM_7_VAL   0x0700

Definition at line 55 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define TAB_CHAR   0x09

Definition at line 80 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define TEXT_BRK_CHAR   0x1B

Definition at line 79 of file PGTRAPS.H.


Definition at line 107 of file PGTRAPS.H.

#define UP_ARROW   0x1E

Definition at line 87 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct port_preserve port_preserve

Definition at line 135 of file PGTRAPS.H.

typedef port_preserve PG_FAR* port_preserve_ptr

Definition at line 136 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Function Documentation

PG_PASCAL Handle   ) 

PG_PASCAL memory_ref   ) 

PG_PASCAL void   ) 

Variable Documentation

shape_ref short accuracy

Definition at line 169 of file PGTRAPS.H.

shape_ref short accuracy

Definition at line 167 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Handle h

Definition at line 172 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long long pg_scale_factor PG_FAR short inset_amount

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

co_ordinate_ptr offset

Definition at line 380 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long offset_h

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long long offset_v

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

rectangle_ptr pg_rect

Definition at line 379 of file PGTRAPS.H.

Rect PG_FAR* r

Definition at line 394 of file PGTRAPS.H.

co_ordinate_ptr Rect PG_FAR* r

Definition at line 380 of file PGTRAPS.H.

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Handle pg_short_t rec_size

Definition at line 172 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long long pg_scale_factor PG_FAR short rectangle_ptr pg_region rgn

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long long pg_scale_factor PG_FAR* scale_factor

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

long long pg_scale_factor PG_FAR short rectangle_ptr sect_rect

Definition at line 391 of file PGTRAPS.H.

shape_ref target_shape

Definition at line 169 of file PGTRAPS.H.

shape_ref target_shape

Definition at line 167 of file PGTRAPS.H.

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