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Data Structures

struct  typrintinfo


#define shellprintinclude


boolean shellinitprint (void)
boolean shellpagesetup (void)
boolean shellprint (WindowPtr, boolean)
boolean iscurrentportprintport (void)
boolean isprintingactive (void)
boolean getprintscale (long *scaleMult, long *scaleDiv)


typrintinfo shellprintinfo

Define Documentation

#define shellprintinclude

Definition at line 28 of file shellprint.h.

Function Documentation

boolean getprintscale long scaleMult,
long scaleDiv

Definition at line 664 of file shellprint.c.

References typrintinfo::scaleDiv, typrintinfo::scaleMult, and shellprintinfo.

Referenced by opgetprintrect(), and opsetdisplaydefaults().

boolean iscurrentportprintport void   ) 

Definition at line 652 of file shellprint.c.

References getport(), and isprintingactive().

Referenced by opsetdisplaydefaults(), ploticoncustom(), and ploticonresource().

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boolean isprintingactive void   ) 

Definition at line 658 of file shellprint.c.

References NULL.

Referenced by iscurrentportprintport().

boolean shellinitprint void   ) 

Definition at line 395 of file shellprint.c.

References clearbytes(), error, h, longsizeof, newclearhandle(), nil, noErr, NULL, setrect(), shellcopyprintinfo(), shellprintinfo, and sizeof().

Referenced by shellinit().

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boolean shellpagesetup void   ) 

Definition at line 519 of file shellprint.c.

References carbonStdSetup(), carbonValidSession(), fl, hwndMDIClient, nil, noErr, typrintinfo::printhandle, shellcopyprintinfo(), shellpagesetupvisit(), shellprintinfo, and shellvisittypedwindows().

Referenced by shellhandlemenu().

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boolean shellprint WindowPtr  ,

Referenced by filemenufunctionvalue(), and shellhandlemenu().

Variable Documentation

typrintinfo shellprintinfo

Definition at line 60 of file shellprint.c.

Referenced by carbonCreateFormatAndSetting(), carbonKillPrintVars(), carbonSessionDefaultPageAndSettingValidate(), carbonSessionPrintSession(), carbonValidSession(), getprintscale(), opgetpagecount(), opgetprintrect(), opgetscrollbarinfo(), opsetprintinfo(), pictprint(), pictsetprintinfo(), setdefaultstyles(), shellcopyprintinfo(), shellinitprint(), shellpagesetup(), tableprint(), tablesetprintinfo(), wpavailwidth(), wpbeginprint(), wpdrawtext(), wplinkwindowinfo(), wpnewrecord(), wpprint(), wpsetprintinfo(), and wpunpack().

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