tympeginfostruct Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 257 of file filemp3.c.

Data Fields

long version
long layer
long bitrate
long frequency
long channelmode
long modeextension
long emphasis
boolean flchecksum
boolean flpadding
boolean flprivate
boolean flcopyright
boolean floriginal

Field Documentation

long tympeginfostruct::bitrate

Definition at line 260 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::channelmode

Definition at line 262 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::emphasis

Definition at line 264 of file filemp3.c.

boolean tympeginfostruct::flchecksum

Definition at line 265 of file filemp3.c.

boolean tympeginfostruct::flcopyright

Definition at line 268 of file filemp3.c.

boolean tympeginfostruct::floriginal

Definition at line 269 of file filemp3.c.

boolean tympeginfostruct::flpadding

Definition at line 266 of file filemp3.c.

boolean tympeginfostruct::flprivate

Definition at line 267 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::frequency

Definition at line 261 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::layer

Definition at line 259 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::modeextension

Definition at line 263 of file filemp3.c.

long tympeginfostruct::version

Definition at line 258 of file filemp3.c.

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