appletmouse.c File Reference

#include "appletdefs.h"
#include "appletmouse.h"

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boolean mousetrack (Rect r, tymousetrackcallback displaycallback)
static short absint (short x)
static short pointdist (Point pt1, Point pt2)
boolean mousedoubleclick (Point pt)
boolean mousecheckautoscroll (Point pt, Rect r, boolean flhoriz, tydirection *dir)


tymouserecord mousestatus

Function Documentation

static short absint short  x  )  [static]

Definition at line 62 of file appletmouse.c.

boolean mousecheckautoscroll Point  pt,
Rect  r,
boolean  flhoriz,
tydirection dir

Definition at line 114 of file appletmouse.c.

References down, left, nodirection, pt, right, and up.

boolean mousedoubleclick Point  pt  ) 

Definition at line 77 of file appletmouse.c.

References tymouserecord::fldoubleclickdisabled, tyPoint::h, tymouserecord::mousedownpoint, tymouserecord::mousedowntime, mousestatus, tymouserecord::mouseuppoint, tymouserecord::mouseuptime, pointdist(), and tyPoint::v.

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boolean mousetrack Rect  r,
tymousetrackcallback  displaycallback

Definition at line 14 of file appletmouse.c.

References nil, and pt.

static short pointdist Point  pt1,
Point  pt2

Definition at line 71 of file appletmouse.c.

References absint(), tyPoint::h, and tyPoint::v.

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Variable Documentation

tymouserecord mousestatus

Definition at line 11 of file appletmouse.c.

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