CPUDEFS.H File Reference

#include <MacTypes.h>
#include <Quickdraw.h>
#include <OSUtils.h>

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#define PAIGE_VERSION   0x00010017
#define DLL_PREFIX
#define LIB_PREFIX
#define MACINTOSH_68000   0x00000001
#define MACINTOSH_68020   0x00000002
#define MACINTOSH_68030   0x00000003
#define MACINTOSH_68040   0x00000004
#define MAC_POWER_PC   0x10000001
#define INTEL_80286   0x00000101
#define INTEL_80386   0x00000102
#define INTEL_80486   0x00000103
#define INTEL_PENTIUM   0x00000105
#define OTHER   0x01000001
#define OTHER_RISC   0x11000001
#define MACINTOSH_6   0x00000001
#define MACINTOSH_7   0x00000002
#define MACINTOSH_71   0x00000003
#define MACINTOSH_711   0x00000004
#define MACINTOSH_72   0x00000005
#define MACINTOSH_75   0x00000006
#define MACINTOSH_751   0x00000007
#define MACINTOSH_752   0x00000008
#define MACINTOSH_753   0x00000008
#define MAX_MAC_OS   MACINTOSH_753
#define WINDOWS_2   0x00000100
#define WINDOWS_3   0x00000101
#define WINDOWS_MAC   0x00000105
#define WINDOWS_NT   0x00000110
#define WINDOWS_95   0x00000120
#define UNIX_4   0x00100001
#define UNIX_5   0x00100002
#define MAX_UNIX_OS   UNIX_5
#define OS2_WARP   0x01000001
#define MAX_OS2_OS   OS2_WARP
#define ORIGINAL_QUICKDRAW   0x00000001
#define COLOR_QUICKDRAW   0x00000002
#define COLOR_QUICKDRAW_32   0x00000003
#define QUICKDRAW_GX   0x00000004
#define QUICKDRAW_GX1   0x00000005
#define WINDOWS_CGA   0x00000100
#define WINDOWS_VGA   0x00000101
#define WINDOWS_EGA   0x00000102
#define X_WINDOWS_11   0x00100010
#define X_WINDOWS_12   0x00100020
#define MOTIF   0x00100030
#define OPEN_LOOK   0x00100040
#define OS2_VGA   0x01000001
#define OS2_EGA   0x01000002
#define MACINTOSH_OS   1
#define WINDOWS_OS   2
#define UNIX_OS   3
#define OS2_OS   4
#define GENERAL_MACINTOSH   0x00000000
#define GENERAL_WINDOWS   0x00000100
#define GENERAL_UNIX   0x00100000
#define GENERAL_OS2   0x01000000
#define pgFromThisPlatform(platform)   ((platform & GENERAL_PLATFORM_MASK) == GENERAL_PLATFORM)
#define FALSE   0
#define TRUE   1
#define NULL   ((void *) 0)
#define PG_FAR
#define ADDRESS_2
#define PG_CDECL
#define PG_PASCAL(return_type)   pascal return_type
#define PG_C(return_type)   return_type PG_CDECL
#define PG_DLL_IMPORT(return_type)   pascal return_type
#define PG_DLL_EXPORT(return_type)   pascal return_type
#define PG_FN_PASCAL(returnType, functionName)   pascal returnType (*functionName)
#define PG_FN_C(returnType, functionName)   returnType (PG_CDECL *functionName)
#define STATIC_PASCAL(return_type)   static pascal return_type
#define STATIC_C(return_type)   static return_type
#define PG_LONGWORD(cast)   (cast)
#define PG_BOM   0xFFFE
#define REGION_NULL   (RgnHandle)NULL
#define PLATFORM_DELTA_TIME   126144000


typedef unsigned short pg_word
typedef unsigned short pg_text_int
typedef unsigned short pg_short_t
typedef unsigned char pg_char
typedef pg_charpg_char_ptr
typedef pg_char pg_byte
typedef pg_bytepg_byte_ptr
typedef unsigned char pg_bits8
typedef pg_bits8pg_bits8_ptr
typedef OSErr pg_error
typedef short pg_boolean
typedef long pg_fixed
typedef StringPtr pg_file_name_ptr
typedef StringPtr pg_font_name_ptr
typedef short pg_file_unit
typedef pg_file_unitpg_file_unit_ptr
typedef unsigned long pg_filetype
typedef pg_filetype PG_FAR * pg_filetype_ptr
typedef pg_charpg_c_string_ptr
typedef pg_charpg_p_string_ptr
typedef pg_charPGSTR
typedef RGBColor pg_plat_color_value
typedef short pg_font_script
typedef void * void_ptr
typedef void PG_FAR * generic_var
typedef Handle pg_handle
typedef RgnHandle pg_region
typedef unsigned long pg_time_t
typedef DateTimeRec pg_datetime
typedef pg_time_t PG_FAR * pg_time_ptr
typedef pg_datetime PG_FAR * pg_datetime_ptr

Define Documentation

#define ADDRESS_2

Definition at line 476 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define COLOR_QUICKDRAW   0x00000002

Definition at line 325 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define COLOR_QUICKDRAW_32   0x00000003

Definition at line 326 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 157 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define DLL_PREFIX

Definition at line 273 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define FALSE   0

Definition at line 443 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define GENERAL_MACINTOSH   0x00000000

Definition at line 400 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define GENERAL_OS2   0x01000000

Definition at line 403 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 399 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define GENERAL_UNIX   0x00100000

Definition at line 402 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define GENERAL_WINDOWS   0x00000100

Definition at line 401 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 727 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define INTEL_80286   0x00000101

Definition at line 287 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define INTEL_80386   0x00000102

Definition at line 288 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define INTEL_80486   0x00000103

Definition at line 289 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define INTEL_PENTIUM   0x00000105

Definition at line 290 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define LIB_PREFIX

Definition at line 274 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 430 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MAC_POWER_PC   0x10000001

Definition at line 285 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_6   0x00000001

Definition at line 297 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_68000   0x00000001

Definition at line 281 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_68020   0x00000002

Definition at line 282 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_68030   0x00000003

Definition at line 283 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_68040   0x00000004

Definition at line 284 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_7   0x00000002

Definition at line 298 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_71   0x00000003

Definition at line 299 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_711   0x00000004

Definition at line 300 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_72   0x00000005

Definition at line 301 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_75   0x00000006

Definition at line 302 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_751   0x00000007

Definition at line 303 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_752   0x00000008

Definition at line 304 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_753   0x00000008

Definition at line 305 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MACINTOSH_OS   1

Definition at line 346 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 329 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MAX_MAC_OS   MACINTOSH_753

Definition at line 306 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 344 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MAX_OS2_OS   OS2_WARP

Definition at line 320 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 340 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MAX_UNIX_OS   UNIX_5

Definition at line 317 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 334 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 313 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define MOTIF   0x00100030

Definition at line 338 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define NULL   ((void *) 0)

Definition at line 457 of file CPUDEFS.H.

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wpsetjustify(), wpsetleading(), wpsetselectioninfo(), wpsetselpoint(), wpsetsize(), wpsetstyle(), wpsettab(), wpsetverbindent(), wptrackclick(), wpunpacktext(), wpupdate(), XGetVInfo(), XGetVolumeInfoNoName(), and yyparse().

#define OPEN_LOOK   0x00100040

Definition at line 339 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define ORIGINAL_QUICKDRAW   0x00000001

Definition at line 324 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OS2_EGA   0x01000002

Definition at line 343 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OS2_OS   4

Definition at line 349 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OS2_VGA   0x01000001

Definition at line 342 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OS2_WARP   0x01000001

Definition at line 319 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OTHER   0x01000001

Definition at line 292 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define OTHER_RISC   0x11000001

Definition at line 293 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PAIGE_VERSION   0x00010017

Definition at line 33 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_BOM   0xFFFE

Definition at line 512 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_C return_type   )     return_type PG_CDECL

Definition at line 495 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_CDECL

Definition at line 479 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_DLL_EXPORT return_type   )     pascal return_type

Definition at line 497 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_DLL_IMPORT return_type   )     pascal return_type

Definition at line 496 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_FAR

Definition at line 473 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_FN_C returnType,
functionName   )     returnType (PG_CDECL *functionName)

Definition at line 499 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_FN_PASCAL returnType,
functionName   )     pascal returnType (*functionName)

Definition at line 498 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_LONGWORD cast   )     (cast)

Definition at line 504 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PG_PASCAL return_type   )     pascal return_type

Definition at line 494 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 513 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define pgFromThisPlatform platform   )     ((platform & GENERAL_PLATFORM_MASK) == GENERAL_PLATFORM)

Definition at line 425 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define PLATFORM_DELTA_TIME   126144000

Definition at line 562 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define QUICKDRAW_GX   0x00000004

Definition at line 327 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define QUICKDRAW_GX1   0x00000005

Definition at line 328 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define REGION_NULL   (RgnHandle)NULL

Definition at line 558 of file CPUDEFS.H.


Definition at line 474 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define STATIC_C return_type   )     static return_type

Definition at line 501 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define STATIC_PASCAL return_type   )     static pascal return_type

Definition at line 500 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define TRUE   1

Definition at line 447 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define UNIX_4   0x00100001

Definition at line 315 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define UNIX_5   0x00100002

Definition at line 316 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define UNIX_OS   3

Definition at line 348 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_2   0x00000100

Definition at line 308 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_3   0x00000101

Definition at line 309 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_95   0x00000120

Definition at line 312 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_CGA   0x00000100

Definition at line 331 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_EGA   0x00000102

Definition at line 333 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_MAC   0x00000105

Definition at line 310 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_NT   0x00000110

Definition at line 311 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_OS   2

Definition at line 347 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define WINDOWS_VGA   0x00000101

Definition at line 332 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define X_WINDOWS_11   0x00100010

Definition at line 336 of file CPUDEFS.H.

#define X_WINDOWS_12   0x00100020

Definition at line 337 of file CPUDEFS.H.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void PG_FAR* generic_var

Definition at line 554 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned char pg_bits8

Definition at line 533 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_bits8* pg_bits8_ptr

Definition at line 534 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef short pg_boolean

Definition at line 537 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_char pg_byte

Definition at line 530 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_byte* pg_byte_ptr

Definition at line 531 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_char* pg_c_string_ptr

Definition at line 545 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned char pg_char

Definition at line 524 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_char* pg_char_ptr

Definition at line 525 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef DateTimeRec pg_datetime

Definition at line 564 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_datetime PG_FAR* pg_datetime_ptr

Definition at line 566 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef OSErr pg_error

Definition at line 536 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef StringPtr pg_file_name_ptr

Definition at line 539 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef short pg_file_unit

Definition at line 541 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_file_unit* pg_file_unit_ptr

Definition at line 542 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned long pg_filetype

Definition at line 543 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_filetype PG_FAR* pg_filetype_ptr

Definition at line 544 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef long pg_fixed

Definition at line 538 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef StringPtr pg_font_name_ptr

Definition at line 540 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef short pg_font_script

Definition at line 549 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef Handle pg_handle

Definition at line 555 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_char* pg_p_string_ptr

Definition at line 546 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef RGBColor pg_plat_color_value

Definition at line 548 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef RgnHandle pg_region

Definition at line 556 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned short pg_short_t

Definition at line 510 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned short pg_text_int

Definition at line 509 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_time_t PG_FAR* pg_time_ptr

Definition at line 565 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned long pg_time_t

Definition at line 563 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef unsigned short pg_word

Definition at line 508 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef pg_char* PGSTR

Definition at line 547 of file CPUDEFS.H.

typedef void* void_ptr

Definition at line 553 of file CPUDEFS.H.

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