pg_globals Struct Reference

#include <PAIGE.H>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 1705 of file PAIGE.H.

Data Fields

pgm_globals_ptr mem_globals
long max_offscreen
long max_block_size
long minimum_line_width
long def_tab_space
pg_short_t line_wrap_char
pg_short_t soft_line_char
pg_short_t tab_char
pg_short_t soft_hyphen_char
pg_short_t bs_char
pg_short_t ff_char
pg_short_t container_brk_char
pg_short_t left_arrow_char
pg_short_t right_arrow_char
pg_short_t up_arrow_char
pg_short_t down_arrow_char
pg_short_t fwd_delete_char
pg_short_t text_brk_char
pg_short_t null_char
pg_char hyphen_char [4]
pg_char decimal_char [4]
pg_char cr_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char lf_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char tab_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char end_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char pbrk_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char cont_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char space_invis_symbol [4]
pg_char flat_single_quote [4]
pg_char flat_double_quote [4]
pg_char left_single_quote [4]
pg_char right_single_quote [4]
pg_char left_double_quote [4]
pg_char right_double_quote [4]
pg_char elipse_symbol [4]
pg_char unknown_char [4]
long invis_font
long embed_callback_proc
font_info def_font
style_info def_style
par_info def_par
color_value def_bk_color
color_value trans_color
pg_char bullet_char [4]
pg_hooks def_hooks
app_init_read app_init_proc
memory_ref file_handlers
shape_ref offscreen_exclusion
graf_device_ptr current_port
graf_device offscreen_port
rectangle offscreen_target
rectangle original_target
memory_ref offscreen_buf
short offscreen_enable
short color_enable
long system_version
long machine_const
memory_ref machine_specific
memory_ref font_objects
memory_ref alpha_widths
memory_ref character_sets
char_widths width_tables [WIDTH_QTY]
pgHyphenInfoRef hyphenInfoRef
extend_proc pg_extend
memory_ref g_extn_mgr
pg_list_ref pg_list

Field Documentation

memory_ref pg_globals::alpha_widths

Definition at line 1765 of file PAIGE.H.

app_init_read pg_globals::app_init_proc

Definition at line 1751 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::bs_char

Definition at line 1715 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::bullet_char[4]

Definition at line 1749 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::character_sets

Definition at line 1766 of file PAIGE.H.

short pg_globals::color_enable

Definition at line 1760 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::cont_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1732 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::container_brk_char

Definition at line 1717 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::cr_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1727 of file PAIGE.H.

graf_device_ptr pg_globals::current_port

Definition at line 1754 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::decimal_char[4]

Definition at line 1726 of file PAIGE.H.

color_value pg_globals::def_bk_color

Definition at line 1747 of file PAIGE.H.

font_info pg_globals::def_font

Definition at line 1744 of file PAIGE.H.

Referenced by setdefaultstyles().

pg_hooks pg_globals::def_hooks

Definition at line 1750 of file PAIGE.H.

par_info pg_globals::def_par

Definition at line 1746 of file PAIGE.H.

style_info pg_globals::def_style

Definition at line 1745 of file PAIGE.H.

Referenced by setdefaultstyles(), and wpinit().

long pg_globals::def_tab_space

Definition at line 1710 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::down_arrow_char

Definition at line 1721 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::elipse_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1740 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::embed_callback_proc

Definition at line 1743 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::end_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1730 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::ff_char

Definition at line 1716 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::file_handlers

Definition at line 1752 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::flat_double_quote[4]

Definition at line 1735 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::flat_single_quote[4]

Definition at line 1734 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::font_objects

Definition at line 1764 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::fwd_delete_char

Definition at line 1722 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::g_extn_mgr

Definition at line 1770 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::hyphen_char[4]

Definition at line 1725 of file PAIGE.H.

pgHyphenInfoRef pg_globals::hyphenInfoRef

Definition at line 1768 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::invis_font

Definition at line 1742 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::left_arrow_char

Definition at line 1718 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::left_double_quote[4]

Definition at line 1738 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::left_single_quote[4]

Definition at line 1736 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::lf_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1728 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::line_wrap_char

Definition at line 1711 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::machine_const

Definition at line 1762 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::machine_specific

Definition at line 1763 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::max_block_size

Definition at line 1708 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::max_offscreen

Definition at line 1707 of file PAIGE.H.

pgm_globals_ptr pg_globals::mem_globals

Definition at line 1706 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::minimum_line_width

Definition at line 1709 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::null_char

Definition at line 1724 of file PAIGE.H.

memory_ref pg_globals::offscreen_buf

Definition at line 1758 of file PAIGE.H.

short pg_globals::offscreen_enable

Definition at line 1759 of file PAIGE.H.

shape_ref pg_globals::offscreen_exclusion

Definition at line 1753 of file PAIGE.H.

graf_device pg_globals::offscreen_port

Definition at line 1755 of file PAIGE.H.

rectangle pg_globals::offscreen_target

Definition at line 1756 of file PAIGE.H.

rectangle pg_globals::original_target

Definition at line 1757 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::pbrk_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1731 of file PAIGE.H.

extend_proc pg_globals::pg_extend

Definition at line 1769 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_list_ref pg_globals::pg_list

Definition at line 1771 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::right_arrow_char

Definition at line 1719 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::right_double_quote[4]

Definition at line 1739 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::right_single_quote[4]

Definition at line 1737 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::soft_hyphen_char

Definition at line 1714 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::soft_line_char

Definition at line 1712 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::space_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1733 of file PAIGE.H.

long pg_globals::system_version

Definition at line 1761 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::tab_char

Definition at line 1713 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::tab_invis_symbol[4]

Definition at line 1729 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::text_brk_char

Definition at line 1723 of file PAIGE.H.

color_value pg_globals::trans_color

Definition at line 1748 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_char pg_globals::unknown_char[4]

Definition at line 1741 of file PAIGE.H.

pg_short_t pg_globals::up_arrow_char

Definition at line 1720 of file PAIGE.H.

char_widths pg_globals::width_tables[WIDTH_QTY]

Definition at line 1767 of file PAIGE.H.

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