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#define appletmsginclude


void appsetmessagerect (hdlappwindow)
void appdrawmessage (hdlappwindow)
void appsetmessage (hdlappwindow, bigstring)
void appmessageclick (hdlappwindow)

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#define appletmsginclude

Definition at line 10 of file appletmsg.h.

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void appdrawmessage hdlappwindow   ) 

Definition at line 40 of file appletmsg.c.

References app, bigstring, blackcolor, centerstring, closebitmap(), eraserect(), tyappletrecord::hasmessagearea, messagefont, messagesize, messagestyle, popclip(), popforecolor(), popmacport(), popstyle(), pushclip(), pushforecolor(), pushmacport(), pushstyle(), r, and texthandletostring().

Referenced by appsetmessage(), and updateappwindow().

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void appmessageclick hdlappwindow   ) 

Definition at line 122 of file appletmsg.c.

References nil.

Referenced by handlecontent().

void appsetmessage hdlappwindow  ,

Definition at line 87 of file appletmsg.c.

References app, appdrawmessage(), bigstring, disposehandle(), equalstrings(), tyappletrecord::hasmessagearea, newtexthandle(), nil, stringlength, and texthandletostring().

Referenced by windowmessageverb().

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void appsetmessagerect hdlappwindow   ) 

Definition at line 17 of file appletmsg.c.

References app, getscrollbarwidth(), tyappletrecord::hasmessagearea, r, and zerorect().

Referenced by resizeappscrollbars().

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