tyclaydata Struct Reference

#include <clay.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 143 of file clay.h.

Data Fields

hdlhashtable htable
hdloutlinerecord houtline
hdltableformats hformats
tylinelayout linelayout
tycomputedlineinfo computedlineinfo
short ctcols
short colwidths [maxtablecols]
short maxwidths [maxtablecols]
short cticons
Rect wholerect
Rect tablerect
Rect titlerect
Rect seprect
Rect iconrect
Rect kindpopuprect
Rect sortpopuprect
short focuscol
short editcol
Handle editval
hdlheadrecord editnode
short ixicontitle
boolean fliconenabled: 1
boolean flautocreated: 1
boolean fltexticons
boolean flwindowsicons
boolean fluseslinelayout
boolean flfilebrowser
tyclaystatusicon iconarray [maxicons]
hdlheadrecord lastbarcursor
boolean flresetinfowindows
boolean iconhighlighted
boolean flbitmap
boolean forkedwindow
boolean immediatesystemidle
boolean processingscriptevent
boolean eraseonupdate
boolean fljumponidle
tyclaycallback keystrokecallback
tyclaycallback idlecallback
tyoutlinecallback exportscrapcallback
tyclaycallback initstatusbarcallback
tyshortstarcallback getstatusbarwidthcallback
tyclaycallback drawstatusbarcallback
tyclaycallback setcustomrectscallback
tyclaycallback statusclickcallback
tyclaycallback cursorinstatusbarcallback
tymenuhitcallback menuhitcallback
tyclaycallback beforeclosewindowcallback
tyclaycallback handleverbcallback
tyclaycallback handlefastverbcallback
Handle hmoredata

Field Documentation

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::beforeclosewindowcallback

Definition at line 243 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::colwidths[maxtablecols]

Definition at line 157 of file clay.h.

tycomputedlineinfo tyclaydata::computedlineinfo

Definition at line 153 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::ctcols

Definition at line 155 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::cticons

Definition at line 161 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::cursorinstatusbarcallback

Definition at line 239 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::drawstatusbarcallback

Definition at line 233 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::editcol

Definition at line 181 of file clay.h.

hdlheadrecord tyclaydata::editnode

Definition at line 185 of file clay.h.

Handle tyclaydata::editval

Definition at line 183 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::eraseonupdate

Definition at line 219 of file clay.h.

tyoutlinecallback tyclaydata::exportscrapcallback

Definition at line 227 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::flautocreated

Definition at line 193 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::flbitmap

Definition at line 211 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::flfilebrowser

Definition at line 201 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::fliconenabled

Definition at line 191 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::fljumponidle

Definition at line 221 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::flresetinfowindows

Definition at line 207 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::fltexticons

Definition at line 195 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::fluseslinelayout

Definition at line 199 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::flwindowsicons

Definition at line 197 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::focuscol

Definition at line 179 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::forkedwindow

Definition at line 213 of file clay.h.

tyshortstarcallback tyclaydata::getstatusbarwidthcallback

Definition at line 231 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::handlefastverbcallback

Definition at line 245 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::handleverbcallback

Definition at line 245 of file clay.h.

hdltableformats tyclaydata::hformats

Definition at line 149 of file clay.h.

Handle tyclaydata::hmoredata

Definition at line 247 of file clay.h.

hdloutlinerecord tyclaydata::houtline

Definition at line 147 of file clay.h.

hdlhashtable tyclaydata::htable

Definition at line 145 of file clay.h.

tyclaystatusicon tyclaydata::iconarray[maxicons]

Definition at line 203 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::iconhighlighted

Definition at line 209 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::iconrect

Definition at line 173 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::idlecallback

Definition at line 225 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::immediatesystemidle

Definition at line 215 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::initstatusbarcallback

Definition at line 229 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::ixicontitle

Definition at line 187 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::keystrokecallback

Definition at line 223 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::kindpopuprect

Definition at line 175 of file clay.h.

hdlheadrecord tyclaydata::lastbarcursor

Definition at line 205 of file clay.h.

tylinelayout tyclaydata::linelayout

Definition at line 151 of file clay.h.

short tyclaydata::maxwidths[maxtablecols]

Definition at line 159 of file clay.h.

tymenuhitcallback tyclaydata::menuhitcallback

Definition at line 241 of file clay.h.

boolean tyclaydata::processingscriptevent

Definition at line 217 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::seprect

Definition at line 171 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::setcustomrectscallback

Definition at line 235 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::sortpopuprect

Definition at line 177 of file clay.h.

tyclaycallback tyclaydata::statusclickcallback

Definition at line 237 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::tablerect

Definition at line 167 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::titlerect

Definition at line 169 of file clay.h.

Rect tyclaydata::wholerect

Definition at line 165 of file clay.h.

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