popup.c File Reference

#include "frontier.h"
#include "standard.h"
#include "quickdraw.h"
#include "font.h"
#include "cursor.h"
#include "menu.h"
#include "mouse.h"
#include "bitmaps.h"
#include "strings.h"
#include "smallicon.h"
#include "popup.h"
#include "frontierwindows.h"
#include "windowlayout.h"
#include "shell.h"

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#define initpopupfont()   ((void *) 0)


boolean pushpopupitem (hdlmenu hmenu, bigstring bs, boolean flenabled, short commandid)
static short handlepopup (hdlmenu hmenu, Rect r, short item)
boolean popupmenuhit (Rect r, boolean flgeneva9, fillpopupcallback fillpopuproutine, popupselectcallback popupselectroutine)
boolean drawpopup (Rect rpopup, bigstring bs, boolean flbitmap)
boolean adjustpopupcursor (Point pt, Rect r)

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#define initpopupfont  )     ((void *) 0)

Definition at line 293 of file popup.c.

Referenced by drawpopup().

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boolean adjustpopupcursor Point  pt,
Rect  r

Definition at line 414 of file popup.c.

References cursorispopup, pointinrect(), pt, and setcursortype().

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boolean drawpopup Rect  rpopup,
bigstring  bs,
boolean  flbitmap

Definition at line 330 of file popup.c.

References closebitmap(), tyFontInfo::descent, displaypopupicon(), ellipsize(), eraserect(), framerect(), getport(), globalfontinfo, h, initpopupfont, insetrect(), movepento(), newtexthandle(), nil, openbitmap(), pendrawline(), pendrawstring(), popstyle(), popuparrowwidth, popupfont, popupfontsize, pushstyle(), r, and setrect().

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static short handlepopup hdlmenu  hmenu,
Rect  r,
short  item

Definition at line 62 of file popup.c.

References cursorisarrow, getfrontwindow(), HiWord, localtoglobalpoint(), LoWord, mousestatus, nil, noErr, NULL, pt, rightmousebuttonaction, setcursortype(), shellframewindow, UINT, and tymouserecord::whichbutton.

Referenced by popupmenuhit().

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boolean popupmenuhit Rect  r,
boolean  flgeneva9,
fillpopupcallback  fillpopuproutine,
popupselectcallback  popupselectroutine

Definition at line 173 of file popup.c.

References checkmenuitem(), disposemenu(), fl, fontgetnumber(), getresourcemenu(), handlepopup(), inserthierarchicmenu(), insetrect(), Newmenu(), nil, removemenu(), and sysbeep.

Referenced by ccagentpopuphit(), mecmdkeypopup(), minipopuphit(), scriptmousedown(), tableclienttitlepopuphit(), tablekindpopuphit(), and tablesortpopuphit().

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boolean pushpopupitem hdlmenu  hmenu,
bigstring  bs,
boolean  flenabled,
short  commandid

Definition at line 45 of file popup.c.

References countmenuitems(), disablemenuitem(), and pushmenuitem().

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