tywprecord Struct Reference

#include <wpengine.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file wpengine.h.

Data Fields

void * wpbuffer
long startsel
long endsel
tyscrollinfo vertscrollinfo
tyscrollinfo horizscrollinfo
long ctsaves
long timelastsave
long timecreated
dbaddress adr
hdlstring hname
Rect wprect
Rect windowrect
long printpos
void * hlastundodata
short hpixels
short vpixels
TrackClickUPP trackclickroutine
wpvoidcallback dirtyroutine
callback preeditroutine
wpvoidcallback posteditroutine
wpvoidcallback setscrollbarsroutine
long wprefcon
boolean fldirty
boolean fldirtyview
boolean fllocked
boolean floneline
boolean fltextchanged
boolean flwindowopen
boolean flstartedtyping
boolean flshowruler
boolean flinhibitdisplay
boolean flexpandvariables
boolean flhilitevariables
boolean flprinting
boolean flneverscroll
boolean flcheckvisi
boolean flalwaysmeasuretext
boolean fleditingnow

Field Documentation

dbaddress tywprecord::adr

Definition at line 115 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::ctsaves

Definition at line 111 of file wpengine.h.

wpvoidcallback tywprecord::dirtyroutine

Definition at line 131 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::endsel

Definition at line 105 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flalwaysmeasuretext

Definition at line 169 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flcheckvisi

Definition at line 167 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpvisicursor().

boolean tywprecord::fldirty

Definition at line 141 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpverbsetdirty().

boolean tywprecord::fldirtyview

Definition at line 143 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpdirty().

boolean tywprecord::fleditingnow

Definition at line 171 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wppostruleredit(), and wpundoroutine().

boolean tywprecord::flexpandvariables

Definition at line 159 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flhilitevariables

Definition at line 161 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flinhibitdisplay

Definition at line 157 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::fllocked

Definition at line 145 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flneverscroll

Definition at line 165 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::floneline

Definition at line 147 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpnewbuffer().

boolean tywprecord::flprinting

Definition at line 163 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flshowruler

Definition at line 155 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpsetruler().

boolean tywprecord::flstartedtyping

Definition at line 153 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::fltextchanged

Definition at line 149 of file wpengine.h.

boolean tywprecord::flwindowopen

Definition at line 151 of file wpengine.h.

void* tywprecord::hlastundodata

Definition at line 125 of file wpengine.h.

hdlstring tywprecord::hname

Definition at line 117 of file wpengine.h.

tyscrollinfo tywprecord::horizscrollinfo

Definition at line 109 of file wpengine.h.

short tywprecord::hpixels

Definition at line 127 of file wpengine.h.

wpvoidcallback tywprecord::posteditroutine

Definition at line 135 of file wpengine.h.

callback tywprecord::preeditroutine

Definition at line 133 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::printpos

Definition at line 123 of file wpengine.h.

wpvoidcallback tywprecord::setscrollbarsroutine

Definition at line 137 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::startsel

Definition at line 105 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::timecreated

Definition at line 113 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpverbgettimes(), and wpverbsettimes().

long tywprecord::timelastsave

Definition at line 113 of file wpengine.h.

TrackClickUPP tywprecord::trackclickroutine

Definition at line 129 of file wpengine.h.

tyscrollinfo tywprecord::vertscrollinfo

Definition at line 107 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpverbsetscrollbarsroutine().

short tywprecord::vpixels

Definition at line 127 of file wpengine.h.

Rect tywprecord::windowrect

Definition at line 121 of file wpengine.h.

void* tywprecord::wpbuffer

Definition at line 103 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by tableexportwpscrap().

Rect tywprecord::wprect

Definition at line 119 of file wpengine.h.

long tywprecord::wprefcon

Definition at line 139 of file wpengine.h.

Referenced by wpverblinkvariable().

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