appletpopup.h File Reference

#include <appletdefs.h>

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Data Structures

struct  typopuprecord


#define appletpopupinclude
#define popuparrowwidth   16
#define popupdrawinset   5


typedef boolean(* popupcallback )(void)
typedef boolean(* popupdrawcontentscallback )(Rect)


boolean initpopuprecord (typopuprecord *)
boolean pushpopupitem (typopuprecord *, bigstring bs, boolean)
void drawpopup (typopuprecord *)
boolean popupclick (typopuprecord *)
boolean adjustpopupcursor (typopuprecord *)
void idealpopupsize (typopuprecord *, short *, short *)

Define Documentation

#define appletpopupinclude

Definition at line 8 of file appletpopup.h.

#define popuparrowwidth   16

Definition at line 18 of file appletpopup.h.

#define popupdrawinset   5

Definition at line 20 of file appletpopup.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boolean(* popupcallback)(void)

Definition at line 23 of file appletpopup.h.

typedef boolean(* popupdrawcontentscallback)(Rect)

Definition at line 25 of file appletpopup.h.

Function Documentation

boolean adjustpopupcursor typopuprecord  ) 

Definition at line 379 of file appletpopup.c.

References cursorispopup, tymouserecord::localpt, mousestatus, and setcursortype().

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void drawpopup typopuprecord  ) 

Definition at line 148 of file appletpopup.c.

References bigstring, copystring(), tyFontInfo::descent, displaypopupicon(), ellipsize(), emptyrect(), globalfontinfo, nil, plotsmallicon(), popbackcolor(), popstyle(), popuparrowwidth, popupdrawinset, pushbackcolor(), pushstyle(), r, whitecolor, widthsmallicon, and zerorect().

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void idealpopupsize typopuprecord ,
short ,

Definition at line 95 of file appletpopup.c.

References tyFontInfo::ascent, bigstring, countmenuitems(), tyFontInfo::descent, getmenuitem(), globalfontinfo, h, i, and pushstyle().

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boolean initpopuprecord typopuprecord  ) 

Definition at line 29 of file appletpopup.c.

References clearbytes(), defaultpopupfontnum, defaultpopupfontsize, defaultpopupfontstyle, and longsizeof.

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boolean popupclick typopuprecord  ) 

Definition at line 276 of file appletpopup.c.

References arrowtracker(), cursorisarrow, geneva, HiWord, tymouserecord::localpt, LoWord, mousestatus, popstyle(), pt, pushstyle(), setcursortype(), trackericonnum, and uncheckallmenuitems().

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boolean pushpopupitem typopuprecord ,
bigstring  bs,

Definition at line 49 of file appletpopup.c.

References bigstring, chspace, equalstrings(), isemptystring, and setstringwithchar.

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