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boolean claygetspecialfolder (void *, boolean, tybrowserspec *)
boolean clayemptyfilefolder (tybrowserspec *)
boolean claygetdirid (const tybrowserspec *, tybrowserdir *)
boolean claygetinmemorydirid (const tybrowserspec *, tybrowserdir *)
boolean claygetsubitemspec (tybrowserspec *, bigstring fname, tybrowserspec *)
boolean browsertextchanged (hdlheadrecord, bigstring)

Function Documentation

boolean browsertextchanged hdlheadrecord  hnode,
bigstring  origname

(**hnode).tmpbit) /*special for find & replace, see findsetheadstring in clayfind.c*/

Definition at line 1049 of file claycallbacks.c.

References bigstring, browsergetrefcon(), browserinsertagain(), browserlineinserted(), browserloadnode(), claygetfilespec(), clayrenamefile(), copystring(), hnode, info, langexternalpleasesave(), and opgetheadstring().

Referenced by setuptableoutlinecallbacks().

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boolean clayemptyfilefolder tybrowserspec *   ) 

Referenced by browserclearundo().

boolean claygetdirid const tybrowserspec *  ,
tybrowserdir * 

Referenced by browsersetscrap(), claygetsubitemspec(), foldercontainsfile(), and lineinsertvisit().

boolean claygetinmemorydirid const tybrowserspec *  ,
tybrowserdir * 

Referenced by opnodeistable(), tablesymbolinsertedvisit(), tablesymbolsresortedvisit(), and tablesymbolzoomvisit().

boolean claygetspecialfolder void *  ,
boolean  ,
tybrowserspec * 

Definition at line 436 of file claycallbacks.c.

References BIGSTRING, claygetsubitemspec(), claymakespec(), filecreatefolder(), filegetprefsspec(), newhashtable(), and nil.

Referenced by getclipfolderspec(), and getundofolderspec().

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boolean claygetsubitemspec tybrowserspec *  ,
bigstring  fname,
tybrowserspec * 

Definition at line 421 of file claycallbacks.c.

References claygetdirid(), and claymakespec().

Referenced by browsermoveto(), and claygetspecialfolder().

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